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19-Feb-2020 15:22:33

Why Should You Care About Dark Web Monitoring?

Data breaches are becoming more frequent every year, with UK businesses enduring an attack every minute in 2019, so if something could help you prevent a data breach happ...
13-Feb-2020 17:04:30

What CyberSecurity Threats Should Your Business Look Out For in 2020?

Cybercriminals are finding new ways to infiltrate and access our data every day. We’ve put together the top 3 cybersecurity threats you should be focusing on in 2020 as t...
05-Feb-2020 16:46:16

How to Tell Which Department is the Weak Link in Your IT Security Strategy

Your security strategy should cover all areas of your business, including your employees and each department. Do you know which departments would be a higher risk to your...
29-Jan-2020 16:30:00

The Do's and Don’ts of Building an IT Strategy

Having your IT Strategy mapped out makes it easier for you to stay on schedule and on budget. Your IT is the heart of your business, so investing more into it creates a r...
15-Jan-2020 17:30:02

What is WIFI 6?

WIFI 6 is the 6th Generation of WIFI, also known as 802.11ax - it's been created in response to the amount of devices currently in use around the world. Designed to help ...
08-Jan-2020 10:30:00

5 Myths We’ve Heard About IT Technology—and Why They’re Wrong

We’ve all heard at least one myth about IT technology, usually from a friend who read something online or heard it from someone else, but they’re never backed up with fac...
18-Dec-2019 10:09:50

Britain's 50 Best Managed IT Companies 2019 Award

On Thursday 12th December, Aztech IT Solutions were named one of Britain's Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies 2019.
11-Dec-2019 16:02:20

Annual Aztech Awards 2019

On Friday 6th December, we held our 2019 Aztech Awards during our Christmas party - there were five categories, with the Player's Player award being chosen by the Aztech ...
09-Dec-2019 12:53:40

Microsoft Teams - Private Channels

Microsoft Teams now lets you create private channels within your Teams - this is ideal for information you want to keep private, such as budgets, or if you need a smaller...
29-Nov-2019 10:30:00

Welcome to the Team Christian D'Amico!

Please join us in welcoming Christian to the Aztech team. He joins us as a Solution Specialist - his role involves working on problems that require a broader depth of kno...


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