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19-May-2022 10:39:59

Why You Need Antivirus or Endpoint Protection for Your Apple Mac.

Apple Macs are popular choices for many people because they are seen as being more secure than Microsoft Windows computers. However, no computer is immune from a cyberatt...
13-May-2022 10:00:00

A Guide To The 2022 Changes For The Cyber-Essentials Scheme.

Have you attempted to renew your Cyber Essentials accreditation this year and noticed some changes or more challenges?     
30-Mar-2022 10:00:00

Welcome to AZTech, Dani & Rob!

The team at AZTech would like to welcome the newest members of our team Dani and Rob. Dani has joined the AZTech family as a Senior Client Account Manager and Rob as a Bu...
25-Mar-2022 08:00:00

EDR, MDR and XDR all explained - what are the differences 

The tech industry loves an acronym, and this blog ticks off three more you should know.
15-Mar-2022 08:00:00

Welcome to AZTech, Matt!

This year has been great for new starters at AZTech, we have welcomed so many fresh faces, and our team is growing bigger and getting stronger by the minute! This month w...
08-Mar-2022 09:38:02

Women in Tech: International Women’s Day

It’s no secret that the tech industry is male-dominated, and by the looks of the progress over the past few years, it’s going to be a hard and long slog to equalise gende...
01-Mar-2022 08:00:00

Invitation to Tender/Request for Proposal Jargon buster

There is a lot of tricky terminology and acronyms surrounding the request for proposals/Invitation to tender process. In this short blog, we'll outline and define some ke...
23-Feb-2022 08:00:00

What you should include in your RFP/ITT

ITT, RFP, QRSTUV – What do they all mean?
15-Feb-2022 12:00:51

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery: What’s the difference?

Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are often wrongfully used interchangeably. Both approaches focus on safeguarding a business if disaster was ever to oc...
02-Feb-2022 08:00:00

Welcome to AZTech, Hamid and Bill!

We are excited to announce another two people joining the ever-expanding AZTech Team as we enter the new year. Hamid and Bill are our two newbies joining the technical te...

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