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Delivering optimised, reliable and secure 4G/5G solutions via a high capacity core network to give you the national and international coverage you need.
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Mobile Data. Mobile Data. Mobile Data.

In today’s fast-paced business world, connectivity is crucial

Businesses require high performing, secure, scalable, and resilient connectivity for offices, machines, and users, wherever they are located which is essential for productivity and growth. The only problem is that fixed line solutions can often be poor quality, late to arrive, or not available at all. For many, this can mean connecting to vital cloud software via a single service, which can fail at any time and bring business productivity to a complete standstill. What companies need is an alternative that can provide both primary and backup connectivity, no matter what or where. Luckily, there are mobile data solutions available that can deliver just that, giving businesses the confidence to operate smoothly and efficiently in today’s connected world. 

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Our Service

Our Mobile Data service is the logical step for primary and failover connectivity requirements. Powered by optimised 4G/5G solutions delivered through a high-capacity core network, we ensure you receive the performance and coverage required, both nationally and internationally. Our team of experts offer SIM-only services with static IP addresses and flexible data tariffs across all cellular carriers, providing you with tailored solutions to suit your specific requirements. Alternatively, we can also give you a rapid deployment bonded 4G/5G solution which will ensure you get high speed bandwidth on a temporary basis. Or we can give you a fully managed private network, capable of connecting tens of thousands of machines, offering scalability and reliability.
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Benefits of Mobile Data Services.



Our Mobile Data services utilise bonded internet technology, delivering improved performance for internet connectivity. This boost in speed and reliability enhances productivity within your organisation, allowing for faster access to online resources and applications.


Leveraging our Mobile Data service provides seamless collaboration capabilities, enabling document sharing, video calls, and remote work with ease. This flexibility empowers your teams to connect and collaborate wherever they are, fostering efficient communication and teamwork.


All our SIMs come with fixed IP addresses, facilitating easy monitoring by our experts. Whether it's remote monitoring or through CCTV, our team can keep track of your mobile data usage and performance, ensuring optimal operation and addressing any issues promptly.
Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our Mobile Data service offers private network options and built-in resilience to ensure business continuity. With private network features and resilience mechanisms in place, you can minimise downtime and maintain uninterrupted connectivity, even in the event of network disruptions or emergencies. This reliability ensures that your business operations remain unaffected, allowing you to stay productive and responsive to your customers' needs.
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Primary Connections & Pre-Ethernet

Whether you're in a remote location or facing disruptions in your primary connection, our Mobile Data service provides a reliable internet connection feature to keep your operations running smoothly. In addition to providing backup connectivity, our team of experts offer pre-ethernet features for situations where fixed line services are unreliable or non-existent so that you can bypass the limitations of poor-quality or delayed fixed line connections, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital online resources and services. With our Mobile Data features you can count on consistent and dependable connectivity, enabling you to overcome connectivity challenges and maintain productivity regardless of your location or the reliability of your primary connection.
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Failover & Rental

Benefit from flexibility and convenience with our rental feature for our business mobile plans. Our 4G/5G Fixed IP SIMs are available on a short-term basis, allowing you to access reliable internet connectivity without the need for a long-term commitment. Whether you require temporary connectivity for events, projects, or remote locations, our rental service offers a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, ensure seamless continuity of operations with our failover features. In the event of a primary connection failure, our business mobile data plans provide 4G Fixed IP SIMs as a backup solution, offering enhanced resilience and reliability. With failover features, you can mitigate the risk of downtime and maintain uninterrupted access to critical online resources and services, safeguarding your business against connectivity disruptions.
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Bonded Internet

By leveraging multiple connections, including 4G/5G networks, we can bond them together to create a unified and robust internet connection for your business. Our bonded Internet features offer several advantages, including increased bandwidth and enhanced reliability. By combining multiple connections, we can achieve higher data transfer speeds, allowing you to upload and download files, stream media, and access cloud services with greater efficiency. Likewise, this approach enhances reliability by mitigating the impact of individual connection failures. In the event that one connection experiences issues, the others continue to provide connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential online resources and applications. With bonded internet features, you can enjoy a faster, more resilient internet connection, empowering your business to operate smoothly and efficiently even in challenging network conditions.

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Yes, we offer customisable options that allow businesses to tailor their plans to match their unique needs. This includes adjusting data allowances, adding features like mobile hotspot usage or international roaming, and integrating with existing business software or systems.
Yes, providers like Aztech offer flexible options for adding or removing lines from a Business Mobile Data Plan to accommodate changes in staffing or organisational needs. This can usually be done easily through the provider's online portal or customer service.
Yes, providers like Aztech offer advanced security features such as virtual private network (VPN) support, secure access controls, and encryption protocols to ensure the privacy and security of business data transmitted over mobile networks.

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