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Deploying the expertise of our Cloud Consultants to create, manage and optimise an ideal cloud environment for you, starting with a straightforward Cloud Assessment.

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At Aztech, our Cloud Consulting services start with a comprehensive Cloud Assessment, guiding you through the intricacies of cloud technology and identifying the best cloud solution for your business. With a focus on maximum value at minimum cost, we consider the technical complexities your business faces, providing you with a clear understanding of how the Cloud impacts your operations. Our experts use over a decade of experience to assist you in realising the transformative potential of cloud technology. Our risk-free Pay-as-you-Go subscription model simplifies your transition to the cloud, offering access to a diverse portfolio of services and applications, working closely with you to develop a tailored package and ensure a seamless migration process. Our expert consultants help you assess the costs and drivers of Cloud IT, creating a Cloud solution that aligns with your unique business requirements whilst also assisting you in crafting a solid business case for your migration which minimises disruptions and maximises the ongoing business benefits that Cloud technology can offer.
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Cloud Consulting. Cloud Consulting. Cloud Consulting.

Cloud IT services have enhanced business operations, efficiency and productivity

With the abundance of Cloud Solutions available, selecting the perfect fit can be daunting. So, how can you find the perfect cloud solution with the abundance of options available?  That's where Cloud Consulting services come into play, leveraging the expertise of Cloud Consultants to create, manage, and optimise an ideal cloud environment tailored to your business needs. Cloud consulting accelerates growth, enhances agility, ensures performance and security, and amplifies business innovations. To harness the benefits of cost savings, flexibility, and availability, careful consideration of cloud architecture is crucial. This entails aligning options with your business aspirations, data and application requirements, desired management and security levels, compliance, and future growth prospects. 

Benefits of Cloud Consulting Services.



Our Cloud Consulting services eliminate the need for heavy investments in hardware infrastructure or the construction of large data centres to support your business growth. By leveraging Cloud Consulting Solutions, you can significantly reduce capital expenditures and operational costs, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently towards strategic initiatives.



Cloud Consulting Solutions minimise downtime, freeing your team from the need to spend valuable time troubleshooting and resolving issues. With reliable cloud infrastructure in place, your business can maintain seamless operations, ensuring productivity and efficiency remain high without interruptions caused by technical problems.

Security & Business Continuity

Security & Business Continuity

Our experts prioritise implementing advanced security measures, including encryption protocols and access controls, to safeguard your data from unauthorised access and cyber threats. Additionally, our Cloud Consulting services ensure seamless disaster recovery and business continuity, enabling quick data access from any internet-connected device to minimise downtime and mitigate disruptions caused by hardware damage or system failures.



Our comprehensive range of cloud IT services encompasses consultancy, assessment, and bespoke implementation projects tailored to your business needs. With a lifecycle approach, we help you maximise the potential of the latest cloud technology, ensuring scalability and adaptability to accommodate your evolving business requirements. From initial strategy development to ongoing optimisation, our cloud consulting services support your organisation at every stage of its cloud journey, empowering you to harness the full benefits of cloud computing.
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Cloud Migration Strategy & Support

Our Cloud Consulting offers comprehensive support in formulating a strategy for a Cloud Migration feature. Our expert consultants will provide hands-on assistance and guidance throughout the migration process, helping execute your migration plan, address technical challenges, and overcome obstacles. We provide migration tools and methodologies, conduct readiness assessments, perform testing and validation, and manage the migration process to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, our Cloud Consulting Service assists in formulating a tailored migration strategy. We conduct assessments to determine workload suitability, select appropriate cloud platforms, and devise a migration plan that minimises disruption while maximising the benefits of cloud adoption. With our expertise and support, you can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud migration and unlock the full potential of cloud technology for your organisation.
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Cloud Management, Security & Compliance

Our Cloud Consulting Service offers features such as Cloud Governance, Management, Security, and Compliance. We can assist you in establishing robust governance frameworks and management processes, defining governance policies, roles, and responsibilities to effectively govern and manage your cloud environments. This ensures that Cloud resources are utilised efficiently, securely, and in alignment with organisational policies and best practices. Also, our expert Cloud Consultants prioritise Cloud Security and Compliance, helping you build a secure and compliant Cloud environment. We conduct thorough assessments of security risks, define robust security policies and controls, and ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards. By mitigating potential risks and addressing security and compliance concerns associated with cloud adoption, we empower your organisation to leverage the benefits of cloud technology with confidence and peace of mind. With our Cloud Consulting Services, you can effectively implement Cloud Governance, Management, Security, and Compliance, adding to the full potential of cloud computing for your organisation's success.

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Cloud Cost Optimisation & Architecture Design

Our Cloud Consulting Services offer support in the Cloud Architecture Design and Cost Optimisation features. We collaborate with you to craft scalable, resilient, and cost-effective Cloud architectures tailored to your specific business requirements and objectives. This involves defining Cloud-native architectures and selecting the optimal mix of Cloud Services, such as compute, storage, and networking, to ensure optimal performance and cost-efficiency in the Cloud. Also, our Cloud Consultants specialise in Cloud cost optimisation, assisting you in maximising ROI and optimising Cloud spending. We identify cost-saving opportunities, optimise resource utilisation, and implement effective cost management strategies to streamline your cloud expenses. With our tailored approach to Cloud architecture design and cost optimisation, we empower your organisation to leverage the full potential of Cloud technology while maximising efficiency and minimising costs.

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Cloud consulting services like Aztech assist businesses in developing comprehensive migration strategies, selecting the right cloud platform, evaluating workloads, minimising downtime, and ensuring data security during the migration process. Aztech consultants provide expertise to streamline migration and mitigate risks.

Our cloud consulting service prioritises data security through comprehensive risk assessments, encryption protocols, access controls, identity management, compliance adherence, and proactive monitoring. We help clients implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

We have experience working across various industries, including finance, legal, technology, education, charities, manufacturing, and construction companies. Our consultants understand the unique challenges and compliance requirements of different sectors and design tailored cloud solutions accordingly.

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Partner with our Cloud Consulting services to develop a tailored Cloud solution that aligns with your unique business requirements, assesses costs and drivers and maximises ongoing business benefits to save you money.

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