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Allowing your employees the flexibility to work virtually from anywhere whilst revolutionising your productivity and efficiency.
Cloud VDI Solutions. Cloud VDI Solutions. Cloud VDI Solutions.

Virtual desktops, powered by the cloud are transforming the way we work

In today's remote and hybrid work environments, the conventional office setup has evolved, with dispersed workforces and an increase in demand for multi-device accessibility. A lot of organisations can meet these expectations by leveraging the use and capabilities of virtual desktops. Cloud virtual desktop infrastructures solutions (Cloud VDI solutions) have emerged to meet these evolving needs, empowering users to access office machines and applications remotely from any location with an internet connection. These tools are designed to enable remote access to office machines and applications, allowing your users to seamlessly access their computers and applications from anywhere with an internet connection. 

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Our Service

Our Cloud VDI solution represents a paradigm shift in technology and cloud computing, offering unprecedented levels of flexibility that has been previously unattainable and productivity enhancement for businesses. By leveraging our service, your employees can seamlessly work from anywhere in the world, transcending geographical boundaries and revolutionising your organisation's productivity and efficiency. With our Cloud VDI solutions, we replicate the functionality of traditional desktop machines into software-based versions stored in the cloud, providing remote desktops for end users. Our Cloud VDI solutions experts handle all backend management tasks, including maintenance, backup, updates, and data storage, freeing your IT resources to focus on core business operations. Additionally, we offer comprehensive security measures and application support tailored to your desktop environment's needs.
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Benefits of Cloud VDI solutions



Leveraging our Cloud VDI solution empowers your employees with unparalleled flexibility. They can work from any location, at any time, using any device. Whether they're traveling, working from home, or outside regular office hours, this flexibility enhances productivity and efficiency by ensuring seamless access to essential work resources.



Our Cloud VDI solution provides an additional layer of security through advanced features such as multi-factor authentication. By requiring multiple methods of identity verification, we bolster protection against cyber threats, safeguarding your sensitive data and critical systems from unauthorised access and potential breaches.


Implementing our Cloud VDI solution enables significant cost savings by eliminating the need to invest in and maintain your server infrastructure. You'll no longer bear the expenses associated with owning data centre space, purchasing licenses, or staffing personnel to manage server infrastructure. This cost-effective solution streamlines operations and optimises resource allocation, allowing you to allocate financial resources to other strategic initiatives.


Our Cloud VDI solution offers a seamless experience from deployment to management. With pre-configured desktop environments hosted in the cloud, there's no need for extensive setup or configuration on individual devices. Any necessary updates, patches, or security measures can be implemented centrally in the data centre, ensuring minimal disruption to employee workflows. This seamless approach enables efficient management of desktop environments while allowing employees to remain focused and productive without interruptions.
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Persistent Virtual Desktop

Persistent virtual desktops are a vital feature of cloud virtual desktop solutions, especially tailored for your developers and IT professionals who require advanced permissions and extensive personalisation. Persistent virtual desktops retain user customisations, settings, and installed applications across sessions. This continuity ensures that your developers and IT professionals have access to their preferred tools and configurations, facilitating seamless workflow transitions and enhanced productivity. Our Persistent virtual desktops feature also offers enhanced app compatibility, allowing your users to seamlessly run and access a wide range of applications crucial for their tasks. This compatibility ensures that your developers and IT professionals can utilise specialised software without constraints, maximising efficiency and effectiveness in their roles. By providing extensive personalisation options and advanced permissions, persistent virtual desktops empower users to tailor their workspaces to their unique requirements, facilitating optimal performance and collaboration within cloud-based environments.

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Non-Persistent Virtual Desktop

Non-persistent virtual desktops is the alternative crucial feature of cloud virtual desktop solutions, particularly beneficial for knowledge and task-oriented workers in various environments like computer labs, call centres, and retail kiosks. With these virtual desktops we can offer a level of personalisation that enables any user to sign into any device or machine and access a tailored experience. Any changes made by the user during the session are temporary and will be discarded once the user signs out. This feature ensures a consistent and secure user experience while maintaining operational efficiency. In Cloud Virtual Desktop environments, non-persistent virtual desktops contribute to streamlining your operations by providing your users with access to standardised desktop configurations and applications. This approach enhances flexibility and scalability, allowing your organisation to accommodate fluctuating workforce demands while ensuring data security and compliance. By incorporating non-persistent virtual desktops into your Cloud VDI solution, you can optimise resource utilisation, minimise maintenance overhead, and empower users with personalised yet transient computing experiences.

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Cloud VDI Solutions work by hosting desktop environments on remote servers in the cloud. Users connect to these servers via the internet using secure protocols, accessing their desktops and applications as if they were running locally on their devices.

Virtually any business can benefit, especially those with remote or distributed workforces, seasonal fluctuations in staffing, or a need for secure and compliant desktop environments. It's also beneficial for businesses looking to streamline IT management and reduce hardware costs.

Yes, Cloud VDI Solutions typically employ robust security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and regular security updates to protect user data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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