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Finding best in class, cost-effective, long-term strategies to ensure optimum performance for your IT infrastructure allowing your students, teachers and support team to achieve their full potential.
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Our tailored approach Our tailored approach Our tailored approach

Minimise downtime, boost security & adopt new tech faster with our IT support

With tailored IT services, educational institutions benefit from seamless infrastructure management and fostering engaging learning experiences through technology integration. IT support serves as a vital enabler of modern teaching methodologies and administrative efficiency, streamlining administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations while prioritising student safety through robust cybersecurity measures. At Aztech we understand the importance of technology within education and how it enables the delivery of effective learning. We currently work with a number of schools to ensure the optimum performance of their IT network infrastructure by creating efficient and practical infrastructures. We also understand that schools have numerous budget demands, which is why we work closely with them to ensure cost-effective, long-term technology strategies, avoiding any costly short-term solutions.
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Outsourcing IT support empowers educators in schools and universities, enhancing education quality and preparing students for a digital world, fostering an efficient and innovative learning environment.

Benefits of IT Support for Education

  • Enhanced Learning: Classroom tech integration enables personalised learning. IT support ensures seamless tool usage for engaging environments.
  • Improved Data Security: Institutions rely on robust IT support for data protection. Advanced measures safeguard privacy.
  • Streamlined Administration: IT automates processes, enhancing efficiency and prioritising education delivery.
  • Reduced Downtime: Swift IT support minimises disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Proactive maintenance maintains reliability.

Our IT support services for Education

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Having a solid disaster recovery plan mitigates risk to your organisation. We’ll work with you to define and develop your D/R plan to ensure your organisation is protected.
IT Security

IT Security

IT Security is a top priority for educational institutions. We'll provide a managed IT security solution to ensure your data is protected.


Ensuring you meet regulation and compliance requirements can be time-consuming and complex. We’ll ensure you are equipped with all the tools and information to satisfy your requirements.
Technology Management

Technology Management

We’ll provide full inventory management to keep track of all your IT assets. Full reporting will be constantly available for any compliance and budgeting requirements.
Managed Monitoring

Managed Monitoring

Ensuring uptime to IT systems is vital for educational institutions. With managed monitoring from Aztech IT, we'll ensure your critical applications are available 24/7/365.
IT planning & vCISO Services

IT planning & vCISO Services

Stay at the forefront of your industry with technology and retain your competitive edge. We’ll design an IT and Technology Roadmap to ensure you have a solid IT plan now and in the future.

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IT support plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations within educational institutions. It helps educators and students leverage technology effectively for teaching, learning, administration, and communication while maintaining the security and integrity of educational data.

The services included are network infrastructure setup and management, device provisioning and maintenance (computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards, etc.), software installation, updates, and troubleshooting, helpdesk support for faculty, staff, and students, data backup and disaster recovery planning and cybersecurity measures, including threat detection and prevention.

IT support ensures that students have access to reliable technology resources and support services, enabling them to engage in interactive learning experiences, collaborate with peers, access digital educational materials, and develop essential digital literacy skills.

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