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Small Businesses (>50 employees)

Small business with big plans? We’re committed to providing small businesses with the best solutions to enable them to run efficiently and effectively, whilst allowing for future growth and expansion.

Our tailored approach. Our tailored approach. Our tailored approach.

Tailoring our approach to your unique set of business challenges

As a small business owner with financial constraints, hiring an in-house IT team can be a challenging investment. Yet, IT support is one of the most crucial components of any successful business. Here at Aztech, our services are designed in a customised way to help small businesses. We have been planning, implementing, managing, and supporting our clients IT systems for over 15 years and will create an IT support package that fits your budget and requirements so that you remain competitive without the added expenses of hiring a full-time IT staff. Our expertise allows you to focus on core business activities, knowing your IT operations are in good hands.
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Local IT support is pivotal for small business success, offering personalised service, rapid response times, and community support.

Benefits of IT Support for Small Businesses (<50)

  • Improved Productivity: Swift IT support minimises downtime, getting employees back to work promptly and enhancing overall productivity

  • Enhanced Security: Robust security measures, including firewalls and antivirus software, safeguard small businesses from cyber threats. IT professionals also educate employees on cybersecurity, reducing human error and potential breaches.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: IT support helps small businesses adapt infrastructure to changing needs, from adding users to adopting cloud solutions, ensuring uninterrupted alignment with business goals.

  • Cost Efficiency: Outsourced IT support from managed service providers offers budget-friendly subscription models, providing essential expertise and resources for digital competitiveness without upfront costs.

Our IT support services for Small Businesses (<50)

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

With 90% of businesses that lose data having to close within two years, having a solid disaster recovery plan in place is essential in mitigating risk to your organisation. We’ll work with you to define and develop your D/R plan to ensure your organisation is protected.
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

With ever-increasing threats to IT systems, IT Security should be a top priority for all Small Businesses. At Aztech, we can provide a managed IT security solution to ensure your data is protected.


We can work with you to deliver end-to-end solutions and implement a mobility strategy, ensuring employees are able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. This will help increase productivity and remain competitive.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Managing third-party vendors can be overwhelming and time consuming for SMEs. At Aztech, we can work with all of your third parties to build relationships and ensure you're getting value for money. Allowing you to be more productive and concentrate on running your business.
Managed IT Systems

Managed IT Systems

Most small businesses don't have the budget to employ full time IT staff, so engaging with a managed IT provider such as Aztech IT, provides them with their own IT department, who'll take full responsibility of their technology by monitoring and maintaining it 24/7/365.
IT planning & vCISO Services

IT planning & vCISO Services

It is essential for SMEs to stay at the forefront of technology and retain their competitive edge. We’ll design an IT and Technology Roadmap to ensure you have a solid IT plan now and for the future.

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IT support for small businesses is a set of services that assist small businesses in managing their technology infrastructure. These services include managing hardware, software, networks, and cybersecurity. The primary objective of IT support is to ensure that business operations run smoothly, technical issues are addressed promptly, and IT resources are optimised to support business goals.

Small businesses often lack the resources and expertise to manage their IT infrastructure effectively. IT support helps them maintain a secure and efficient technology environment, reduce downtime, improve productivity, and stay competitive.

When choosing an IT support provider, consider factors such as experience, expertise, service offerings, responsiveness, reliability, scalability, and cost. Look for a provider like Aztech that understands the needs of small businesses and can offer personalised solutions to help you succeed.

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