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Providing you with a versatile seamless collaborative hub to bridge the gap between your remote teams and office-based teams and all stakeholders.
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Microsoft Teams Phone. Microsoft Teams Phone. Microsoft Teams Phone.

With hybrid working increasing, companies need to adapt for their dispersed teams

Offices are downsizing and hot-desk systems are becoming the norm. To ensure seamless collaboration, businesses need a solution that bridges the gap between remote workers and office-based staff. Microsoft Teams Phone provides a versatile and user-friendly platform, transforming meeting spaces of all sizes into collaborative hubs. From small huddle areas to large conference rooms, this solution offers a rich Microsoft Teams Phone experience that is easy to implement and manage. With Microsoft Teams Phone, organisations can further enhance communication capabilities, enabling seamless voice calls, conferences, and meetings within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment. This integration streamlines workflows and fosters productivity, ensuring that teams remain connected and productive regardless of their physical location.
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Our Service

Aztech offers implementation, migration, security, and development services for all facets of Microsoft Teams Phone. Our tailored approach includes strategy planning, meticulous requirements gathering, custom development solutions, seamless technical implementation, rigorous security configuration, thorough training sessions, and dedicated support services. During an initial scoping phase in a discovery call, we collaborate closely with you to define clear objectives and desired outcomes for the project. Our services are guided by agile and flexible delivery principles, ensuring alignment with the scope to be delivered and your specific goals.
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Benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone

Inclusive and Interactive

Inclusive and Interactive

Our Microsoft Teams Phone services facilitates inclusive and interactive meetings regardless of participants' locations. With high-quality audio and video capabilities, inclusive video layouts, wireless content sharing, intelligent speakers, companion devices, and collaborative whiteboarding, Teams enables seamless collaboration and engagement for all attendees.


By leveraging Microsoft Teams Phone service, any shared space can be transformed into a Teams Room accessible from a wide selection of devices, including Windows and Android. With scalable features adaptable to any room size, you can connect effortlessly to other Teams devices, fostering collaboration across your organisation.


Microsoft Teams Phone service delivers consistent Teams experiences designed to simplify collaboration within your organisation. With seamless Microsoft calendar integrations, one-touch join, proximity join, Cortana voice assistance, and room remote capabilities, Teams ensures hassle-free collaboration, enhancing productivity and efficiency in your meetings.
Secured & Managed

Secured & Managed

Our experts ensure the security and management of your devices with rich management capabilities and powerful analytics provided by Microsoft Teams Phone services. Whether it's managing Teams Rooms through the Teams admin centre or leveraging AI-driven managed services for Teams Rooms, we help keep your devices protected, up-to-date, and optimised for seamless collaboration experiences.
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Deployment, Planning & Design

With our Microsoft Teams Voice service, we include features such as planning and design to ensure optimal implementation aligned with your organisation's needs. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you to define and scope your Teams environment. We organise workshops involving key stakeholders to gather insights and agree on configurations, fostering maximum buy-in and alignment. Additionally, our team of Microsoft experts leverages their extensive experience and skills to facilitate a seamless deployment or migration process for Microsoft Teams Phone. Drawing upon years of accumulated expertise, we guide you through every step of the deployment or migration journey feature, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations. Whether it's setting up new capabilities or migrating existing systems, we ensure that your organisation harnesses the full potential of Teams Phone with efficiency and confidence.
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Security & Governance

Our Microsoft Teams Phone services includes security and governance features, leveraging Microsoft's robust suite of tools to implement comprehensive security measures tailored to your organisation's needs. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure that security is fully configured with best practices and aligned with your security policy. Using Microsoft's tools, we establish stringent security protocols within your Teams environment, safeguarding sensitive data and communications against potential threats. From setting up authentication mechanisms to implementing data encryption and access controls, we ensure that your Teams deployment adheres to industry-leading security standards. Additionally, we address governance requirements, ensuring that your Teams environment operates in compliance with regulatory guidelines and internal policies. By implementing governance features, we provide you with the visibility and control needed to manage user access, data retention, and compliance reporting effectively. With our security and governance expertise, your organisation can confidently leverage Microsoft Teams Phone connectivity services for seamless communication while maintaining the highest standards of data protection and compliance.
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Teams Voice

Leveraging our service, we can equip your employees with essential virtual calling features. By harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams, we ensure that your team can make and receive calls seamlessly, backed by the security and reliability of the platform. With our assistance, your organisation can enhance productivity by enabling employees to connect effortlessly through virtual calling features. Whether it's initiating calls, joining conferences, or managing voicemail, our service ensures that your team stays connected and productive, regardless of their location. Moreover, our solution enables centralised management, allowing you to efficiently oversee and administer Cloud phone calls across your organisation. With simplified management capabilities, you can streamline operations and ensure consistent communication standards throughout your business.

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Unlike traditional phone systems, Teams Phone operates entirely within the Microsoft Teams environment, providing a unified experience for messaging, calling, and collaboration. It eliminates the need for separate phone hardware and integrates with other Microsoft 365 applications.
Yes, Teams Phone allows you to make and receive calls to and from external numbers, both nationally and internationally. It provides flexible options for calling plans and connectivity to suit your business needs.
Yes, Teams Phone with Teams Business Voice offers integration with select third-party applications and services, allowing for enhanced functionality and interoperability within your existing IT ecosystem.

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