IT Support for

Charity and Non-Profit Organisations

Improving IT systems to provide greater efficiency and lower operational costs, whilst reducing downtime to prevent impact on possible donations.
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Our tailored approach. Our tailored approach. Our tailored approach.

Enhancing efficiency and productivity

The role of IT has become crucial across various sectors, including charity and non-profit organisations. Driven by missions to serve and impact communities positively, charities and non-profit organisations find themselves in an environment where IT support is not just beneficial but essential to their operations and success. At Aztech, we appreciate the goals of non-profit organisations are likely to be different from other sectors but can often encounter similar challenges. With our experience in this sector, we know that improving our clients’ IT systems provides greater efficiency and lower operational costs ensuring increased staff efficiency.
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IT support empowers charities and non-profits to focus on their mission, with cost savings, improved efficiency, security, and expert guidance

Benefits of IT Support for Charity & Non-Profit Organisations

  • Enhanced Efficiency: IT streamlines charity operations with software, automation, and collaboration tools, freeing time for core activities
  • Data Security: A proficient IT team establishes robust measures to safeguard donor and beneficiary data, ensuring compliance and trust.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourced IT offers expert assistance and technology without full-time staff costs, allocating resources efficiently.
  • Scalability: Dedicated IT support allows charities to adjust resources swiftly, responding to growth or changes in demand.

Our IT support services for Charity & Non-Profit Organisations

For many, partnering with an IT specialist is crucial, yet the one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. As your strategic IT partner, we provide exceptional support tailored to charities & non-profit organisations. Here are some of the services we can offer to you:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

Many non-profit organisations struggle to invest in IT as this money can always be used elsewhere in the business. But working with a proactive provider will ensure you're investing in the right technology for your business and allow you to streamline processes.
IT Planning & Strategy

IT Planning & Strategy

It is essential for all businesses to stay at the forefront of technology to retain their competitive edge. So at Aztech, we’ll design an IT and Technology Roadmap to ensure you have a solid IT plan now and for the future.


We can work with you to deliver end to end solutions and to implement a mobility strategy ensuring employees are able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. This will help to increase productivity and remain competitive.
Technology Management

Technology Management

We’ll provide full inventory management to keep track of all your IT assets. Full reporting will be constantly available for any compliance and budgeting requirements.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Managing third-party vendors can be overwhelming and time-consuming. At AZTech we can work with all your third parties to build relationships and ensure you're getting value for money. Allowing you to be more productive and concentrate on running your business.


Choosing an IT partner with experience in the non-profit sector can provide valuable expertise and resource allowing you to make the most of your IT infrastructure and increase efficiency.

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IT support for charities may include a range of services such as helpdesk support, network management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data backup and recovery, hardware and software procurement, and IT consulting.

IT support can help charities optimise their IT infrastructure, streamline processes, and leverage technology to improve productivity and efficiency. This may involve implementing automation tools, upgrading outdated systems, and providing training to staff members.

Partnering with an IT support provider offers charities access to expertise, resources, and technology solutions that they may not have in-house. It enables them to focus on their core mission while ensuring their IT needs are effectively managed and supported.

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