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Cyber Security Risk Assessment Services

Testing your organisation’s security for vulnerabilities in your IT systems and processes with best practice recommendations on how to improve to lower chances of future attacks.

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment. Cyber Security Risk Assessment. Cyber Security Risk Assessment.

Strengthening your cyber resilience through risk assessment services

Protecting your organisation from internal and external threats is vital, especially given that many breaches originate from inadvertent internal errors. In today's fast-paced technological environment, understanding and addressing cyber threats are crucial. As threats evolve and become increasingly difficult to detect, maintaining proactive security aligned with best practices is essential. Cyber Security Risk Assessment services evaluate your organisation's security, pinpointing vulnerabilities in IT systems and processes. Recommendations are then provided to bolster security, adhere to best practices, and mitigate the risk of future attacks. 

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Our Service

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment service conducts a thorough evaluation of your digital infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks. Using advanced tools and methodologies, we assess various areas including user awareness, email security, endpoint protection, ransomware risk, cloud app security, secure DNS, penetration testing, IT security policies, procedures, back-up, recovery, and M365 security scores. We audit physical and remote security, scanning for vulnerabilities, and predict and prevent future threats to provide a holistic view of your organisation's cyber resilience. Our goal is to prioritise data protection and ensure seamless continuity of operations. After completing assessments, we provide a detailed report with recommendations to improve security, adhere to best practices, and reduce the risk of future attacks. Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services offer actionable insights and tailored recommendations to fortify your defences against evolving cyber threats, ensuring the security of your informational assets, regardless of your company's size.
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Benefits of Cyber Security Risk Assessment

User Awareness

User Awareness

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment services includes assessing how well your users’ awareness is. We empower your employees to recognise and respond effectively to cyber threats. Our proactive approach with risk assessments ensures that your workforce becomes a fortified crucial line of defence against cybercrime, reducing the likelihood of successful attacks stemming from human error or ignorance.


Our risk assessment security experts conduct a thorough review of your security policies and documentation to ensure alignment with the latest regulations and standards to help you stay compliant and also mitigate the risk of penalties or legal ramifications due to non-compliance.
Physical Security

Physical Security

In addition to safeguarding your digital assets, our risk assessment services extend to evaluating and improving physical security measures for your server data and devices. Through comprehensive testing and advisory services, we identify vulnerabilities and recommend practical solutions to fortify your infrastructure against unauthorised access or physical breaches.
Bespoke Reduced Threats

Bespoke Reduced Threats

Our comprehensive risk assessment process not only identifies and addresses vulnerabilities stemming from sophisticated cyber threats but also common security breaches caused by unintentional internal mishaps. This serves as the foundation for crafting bespoke security solutions; leveraging our expertise and wealth of knowledge, we develop tailored strategies that not only mitigate current risks but also anticipate future threats, enabling your organisation to optimise its security posture and reach its full potential without compromise.
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Email & Wireless Security

Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment services include features such as testing your email protection solutions and networks to see how secure they are. A detailed analysis of these critical will show vulnerabilities through our meticulous testing, enabling you to bolster defences and minimise the risk of potential breaches. Our risk assessment specialists go beyond, scrutinising your wireless network's security to identify potential threats and recommend best practices for enhanced future security and reliability. We ensure a thorough risk assessment of your digital infrastructure, providing actionable insights to fortify your organisation against evolving cyber threats.
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Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery serves as a critical feature within our Cyber Security Risk Assessment service, ensuring resilience and continuity in the face of potential threats. We meticulously evaluate your backup systems, scrutinising their effectiveness in safeguarding vital data and restoring operations swiftly in the event of a cyber incident. We analyse the comprehensiveness of your backup protocols, assessing factors such as data redundancy, frequency of backups, and off-site storage capabilities to ensure maximum resilience against data loss or compromise. Additionally, our risk assessment delves into recovery procedures, examining the efficiency of recovery processes and the ability to minimise downtime during critical incidents. By prioritising backup and recovery as an integral feature of our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, we empower your organisation to proactively mitigate risks, maintain operational integrity, and swiftly recover from cyber threats, thereby bolstering overall resilience and safeguarding against potential disruptions to your business operations.

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Internet content protection & M365 Score

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, also includes key features like M365 score analysis and internet content protection empowering your cybersecurity posture. We will delve into the intricate security landscape of your Microsoft 365 environment with our in-depth risk assessment, offering valuable insights into its current state. Our team of experts will then offer tailored recommendations to fortify your company's assets, enhancing resilience against evolving cyber threats. Our risk assessment extends its evaluation to your internet content protection, thoroughly auditing your firewall or UTM solution to ensure alignment with best practices. We will help safeguard your gateway security, offering a robust defence against unauthorised access and malicious content.

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The frequency of Cyber Security Risk Assessments depends on various factors, including the organisation's industry regulations, compliance requirements, changes in technology, and evolving cyber threats. In general, it is recommended to conduct assessments annually or whenever significant changes occur in the IT environment.

Vulnerabilities identified in a Cyber Security Risk Assessment can include outdated software, misconfigured systems, weak authentication mechanisms, inadequate access controls, lack of encryption, and poor patch management practices, among others.

The output of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment typically includes a detailed report summarising identified vulnerabilities, threats, and risks, along with recommendations for mitigation strategies, prioritised action items, and a roadmap for improving cybersecurity posture.

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