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7 Reasons to outsource your IT support

Posted by Karen Houghton | 23-Nov-2016 10:40:55

Who handles the IT support in your company? With a high volume of information now being stored digitally and the increasing number of applications and software packages being used every day by businesses, managing everything internally can be a real challenge.

Nowadays, pretty much everything is connected to some sort of data management mechanism and how we manage this can drastically affect our business. The reality is that the nature of your data is complexed and as a result, is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. That's why more and more companies are reaching out to third party IT providers.   In fact, Computer Weekly Magazine recently reported the uptake of outsourced IT support services is increasing by circa 5.9% year on year.

While outsourcing in other business areas can be problematic, or even counterproductive, there are several advantages to enlisting an external IT provider. Here are 7 reasons to outsource your IT support:

1. Cost effective

By outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider, you can expect to see substantial cost savings compared to employing a dedicated in-house technician or team. It’s not just small companies that stand to benefit from outsourcing their IT though, all companies no matter what their size succeed or fail based on their profit margins, so cost-effective resource management is key.  IT service providers typically charge a predictable monthly fee that covers all aspects of IT planning, maintenance and strategy. By maintaining your IT infrastructure on a regular basis you can expect to reduce the costs associated with larger problems which may occur as a result of poor maintenance.

2. Access to experts

The IT landscape is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid rate and an effective IT support provider will remain at the forefront of technology. With an in-house team it will be down to you to invest in the development of their skills and knowledge, with no guarantee that they will remain in your company. In contrast, an outsourced IT company can provide you with access to an entire team of experts who have their skills regularly updated- at no extra cost to you!

3. Round-the-clock service

By outsourcing your IT support, you’ll benefit from access to a remote helpdesk of engineers. While there may be times during the evening or on a weekend when in-house IT staff are not available, most IT service providers offer an out of hours service and will always have engineers available and ready to resolve your issues. 

4. Utilise the latest technology

IT service providers are continuously making investments in their technology, software and infrastructure which enables them to be as effective and knoweldgable as possible in the competitive landscape. By outsourcing your IT support you are able to leverage the advantages of this investment, without the associated costs which can run into tens of thousands of pounds per year depending on the size of the provider.

5. Increase staff productivity

Outsourcing your IT means you can increase your staff productivity. Instead of spending time fixing IT issues, they can concentrate on their primary business functions.

6. Reduce risks

Any big issues including data security or disaster recovery can be easily managed by an external IT provider who fully understand the industry and can help your company avoid costly mistakes by implementing new technology and forecasting and planning for future issues. This in turn will allow your company to be more flexible and reactive.  

7. Increase efficiency

Outsourcing your IT means you’ll have more time to focus your priorities of your business as a whole and this in turn will allow you to run your own business much more effectively. After all, you want to focus on the business, not the technology that runs the business.

Outsourced IT support can significantly ease the burden on you and your business. If you pick the right IT provider for your business, you will enjoy hassle-free IT support services, expert help when you need it and useful advice to ensure you get the best from your IT systems. Put simply, outsourced IT companies can help you get on with doing what you do best - running your business. Let a dedicated team of experts help, support and advice you.  At Aztech IT, we invest heavily in our team and support and our IT services aim to help your business gain competitive advantage. Find out more here.

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Written by Karen Houghton


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