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Why Does My Business Need Cyber Essentials?

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 27-Mar-2019 14:21:32

98% of UK businesses are now online in some capacity. Whether you're selling goods and services through online platforms, storing sensitive business and client data on a cloud, or using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to manage your commercial properties, you are most likely connected and reliant upon the internet for your everyday business operations.

Regardless of size or current profit margins, your company may be on the radar of a cyber criminal at any given time. This is because the rapid acceleration of technology and software evolution continuously creates loopholes for exploitative individuals and organisations. Globally, $600 billion worth of losses could be attributed to cyber crime in 2017.

As a government and industry-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials serves to provide reassurance to your customers that your company prioritises security and can help to protect your business against 80% of cyber attacks.

Why is IT security important?

Statistically, 4 in 10 businesses experienced some kind of security compromise last year, ranging from computer viruses, hacking and theft of business-critical data.

Cyber security is an increasingly important aspect of business operations because, without it, you may suffer substantial financial losses, disruption to trading, customer dissatisfaction, legal implications and prolonged delays to service reactivation.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the cost of a cyber attack could result in closure – statistically, this happens to 60% of those that experience a major cyber crime.

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Why does my business need Cyber Essentials?

With so many new entries into the online business sphere, it can be overwhelming for consumers to discern between legitimate vendors and unreliable sources. Demonstrating your initiative to secure your internet facing gateways gives an added layer of reassurance to new and existing buyers.

In B2B scenarios, your cyber security profile may be a huge consideration factor for other businesses looking to trade with you. In the case of some public sector contracts, a Cyber Essentials accreditation is essential.

The Cyber Essentials assessment will address five key areas that are crucial to your online security:

  1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  2. Secure configuration
  3. Access control
  4. Malware protection
  5. Patch management

Having all the necessary precautions in place will help your organisation to save money, attract new customers and minimise the stress caused by cyber attacks. With phishing and hacking being a huge concern for businesses, Cyber Essentials could offer solutions on how to fortify your online portals and protect your digital assets and privileged client information.

If you’re interested in obtaining the Cyber Essentials accreditation, we can support you every step of the way. Along with multi-layered IT security solutions, we also help our clients achieve certification.

Start securing your online assets against potential threats and get in touch with one of our friendly specialists today.

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