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How to Protect Your Digital Assets from Cyber Security Threats

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 04-Jun-2018 12:47:00

Cyber security threats are increasing. Last year, the WannaCry ransomware affected 300,000 computers across 150 countries, making it the most significant ransomware event so far.

This year, even Homeland Security in America suffered a “privacy incident” and at the start of the year it was discovered that India's giant one billion person public database had been compromised.

Cyber security threats are a serious concern for businesses – and you don’t have to be a large Blue Chip company  to become a target.

So, how do you protect your digital assets from falling victim to a breach?

Inventory all your digital assets

Perspective is an essential component in effective security. A regularly updated list of all your digital assets, what they are worth and where ownership lies will be an essential starting point to establishing protection for them.

Make sure your basic security is watertight

Cyber security issues are often created because basic security has simply been overlooked. Passwords, for example, have a significant role to play in ensuring there is a barrier between your digital assets and those seeking to access them.

However, despite their importance, passwords are often lacking. “12345” or “password” remain some of the common password choices despite being incredibly easy to guess.

To create a high level of digital protection, start with your basic security. For example, ensure that you have complex passwords that are regularly changed, a schedule for ensuring software is updated and that the right firewalls are in place.

Create a disaster recovery plan

If the worst happens and your systems come under successful attack, disaster recovery measures can help to ensure business continuity and protect key digital assets. This will include making sure that you have backups in place so that you can access key data even if it has been compromised elsewhere. Ongoing monitoring and defining clear responses to a security breach in advance can help to shorten response times and ensure that, if there is a security event, cyber criminals don’t get too far.

Look into restricted access

There is no need for everyone within your business to have access to all of your digital assets – in fact this increases the potential risk to them. As part of a security strategy, look into restricting access to the most critical digital assets. This will not only help to provide protection but will also support accountability in the event that there is a security breach.

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