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How to cope with the ever-multiplying technology

Posted by Karen Houghton | 04-Oct-2017 16:24:09

Technology hasn’t always played such a central role in our lives. It might seem like the smart phone has always been attached to our palms but the iPhone, for example, was only introduced in 2007. And social media might be an inescapable part of business and personal life now but platforms like Instagram were actually only launched in 2010. Over the past five years the breadth and influence of technology seems to have expanded, with huge impact across the business community. So, how do you keep up?


Audit the tech you already use 

Before you even consider adding to your technology structure, carry out an audit of what you’re already using, from document storage, to networks and devices. An audit should enable you to identify where tech investment isn’t working and where you can get the best return on what you spend.


Streamline the tech you adopt

One of the fastest ways to feel overwhelmed by the ever-increasing range of technology is to try and take it all on at the same time. There’s just no need to engage on every social platform, to use every available application or to adopt cutting edge programmes and platforms, especially if your business really doesn’t need them. Limit the new tech you take on to ensure you’re not wasting money on upgrades for the sake of upgrades and that you get the most out of your technology investments.


Stay up to date with new developments

Keeping on top of technology developments is a job in itself. However, it’s possible to make sure that you’re getting snippets of the latest insights by signing up for newsletters, following blogs and social posts and finding influencers and tech experts specific to your industry and market. This will give you a good idea of what’s changing in the technology world and what you might want to consider for your business.


Work with an IT support service provider

In many ways, working with a dedicated IT support service provider is a one stop shop solution. For those who feel overwhelmed by the pace of technology and the rapid increase in the options available, an IT support service provider acts as a filter so that only the most relevant choices make it through. An IT support service provider is at the heart of the industry, on top of the latest developments and can evaluate what your business needs in the context of individual requirements and against a background of specialist expertise. It’s a focused and cost effective way of solving the problem of technology overwhelm and often tailored solution to specific needs.


Written by Karen Houghton


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