Replacing your phone system

Business phone systems are one of the most fundamental tools in running a small business, allowing you to reach out to customers and clients and often more importantly allowing them to contact you.

The quality, reliability and clarity of your phone system is vital to the successful operation of your business and if there not working effectively its time of a change to a more reliable phone system.

When it comes to business phone systems the options are endless and choosing the right solution for your business can be difficult. At Aztech we partner with industry leading carrier Gamma and Horizons Cloud communications platform to offer our customer a vast range of VOIP solutions to suit their business requirements.

False assumptions about data theft

False assumptions about data theft

Data theft is nothing new, but in today’s business environment intruders are finding more sophisticated ways to exploit loopholes in companies’ security systems. The consequences can be dire for some businesses and can result in lost clients, employee resentment and even regulatory action, a serious data breach could be enough to close down a whole organisation so it’s time for organisations to start taking their security seriously and not make the following common assumptions.