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16-Aug-2021 16:49:26

What is a Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC/CSOC)?

86% of UK cybersecurity professionals said that they experienced an increase in attempted and successful attacks due to more employees working remotely. The rapid and unp...
13-Aug-2021 09:37:01

Life at AZTech IT

Recently we have celebrated some huge successes at AZTech IT, and it’s made us want to reflect on some of our favourite memories from over the years.
26-Jul-2021 15:45:49

Is Antivirus is Dead?

Next-Generation Antivirus: What is it? And why do we need it?  An investigation by Detica for the Cabinet Office reported that the cost of cyberattacks for the UK busines...
19-Jul-2021 10:37:06

Microsoft puts Windows in the Cloud.

Microsoft has revealed its latest service, Windows 365, which will allow access to ‘Cloud PC’’s anywhere, on pretty much any device. A Cloud PC is an Azure-powered servic...
30-Jun-2021 10:11:34

What's New in Windows 11

Last week Microsoft officially announced the well awaited Windows 11 update. After months of rumours and leaked content, we can finally confirm what’s new in Windows 11. ...
29-Jun-2021 10:54:10

Welcome to AZTech, Thomas.

We would like to welcome Thomas to the team, who is joining us as a senior service desk engineer. Thomas is a tech enthusiast and has worked in and around IT for almost 1...
28-Jun-2021 10:52:19

The Latest Microsoft Windows Update

In 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10, and said that it would be the last full Windows release and would operate by having updates twice a year to keep it up to date, si...
24-Jun-2021 13:01:58

Welcome to the Team Dan!

We are excited to announce that we have another person joining the AZTech team! Welcome to the team Dan, who will be joining us as an IT apprentice.
24-Jun-2021 13:01:36

Is Your IT Strategy Helping You Grow Your Business?

IT (Information technology) is an important, if not an integral part of most businesses and their success. Without it, most businesses simply would not function. So why a...
08-Jun-2021 10:58:27

Are you planning to migrate your phone system to Teams?

We’re at the point of the COVID-19 pandemic where offices are starting to decide whether to stay working from home, return to the office or work in a hybrid fashion. This...

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