IT Consultancy

Guiding you through technology decisions

Expert, impartial advice to help you adapt to the changing technical needs of your organisation

Services to help you meet the changing demands of business  

Sometimes all you need is an honest, expert view. We don’t have any agendas or vendor preferences, we’ll simply talk to you honestly and openly about your business challenges and work to find the best way to meet them.

If you’re unsure about how to capitalise on all the technology at your disposal, our IT consultancy service can help you choose a roadmap that will meet your needs today and for years to come.

We’re here to help you plot your way through the options. We can specify solutions, select vendors and scope projects. 



Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) or Virtual IT Director service assists organisations by providing experienced consultants and directors to ensure your organisation’s goals are aligned with a solid IT strategy.

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IT Strategy 

Align your organisation objectives with your IT strategy. Aztech can help you create, manage and maintain a technology roadmap to keep you on track with your goals by leveraging technology.   

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IT Projects 

Professionally delivered IT projects by a dedicated team of highly experienced consultants, technicians and project managers.

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