Penetration Testing

Analyse the security of your IT

Effectively test and validate your organisation's security position with penetration testing solutions from AZTech

Do you know how effective your security solutions are?

Penetration testing, also known as Pen testing or ethical hacking, is an authorised simulated cyberattack on your IT infrastructure - we use it to evaluate the security of your networks and applications and look for vulnerabilities.

Having the right security tools for your organisation is step 1, but without testing those security tools, you cannot be 100% confident that your organisation will be protected, able to detect, defend or respond to an attack effectively.

Identifying vulnerabilities in your computer systems is essential to your organisation's security - our pentest solutions provide you with a realistic understanding of the security issues you may face.

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Protecting Your Organisation


Keeping your IT infrastructure protected requires a broad understanding of attack strategies and in-depth knowledge of cybercriminal's tactics, tools and motivations.

New vulnerabilities are identified and exploited by cybercriminals every day, which is why you need regular testing by security experts to ensure your organisation is protected.

Our penetration test solutions deep dive into your systems to uncover any issues, vulnerabilities and test how effective your security solutions would be against a cyberattack.


We will analyse and assess the current security level of your IT systems - discovering any gaps and the potential impact it could have on your organisation. We will then provide a report of the findings from the test with recommendations for improvements.

Best Practice

With AZTech's Pen Testing, you can gain confidence that your security controls have been configured in accordance with best practice and there are no common, or publicly known, vulnerabilities at the time of testing.

Save Costs and Downtime

Recovering from a data breach can cost your organisation valuable time and money, but by utilising our pen testing to analyse your network and security solutions, you can help prevent a breach before it's even happened.

Enable Compliance

Regular penetration testing helps you comply with security regulations governed by leading security standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI.

How Secure is your Organisation?

Ensuring your data is protected and secure from cyber threats is crucial. Our Security Assessment will analyse, scan and test your organisation - we'll provide a report on how secure your data is, and provide advice on how you can improve your security.