Identity and Access Management

Secure Robust Authentication

Market-leading identity and access management solutions from AZTech IT Solutions to provide strong authentication and prevent unauthorised access to your digital assets

Secure Identity and Boost Productivity

Combine (MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication with (SSO) Single Sign On

Protecting the digital identities of your employees and ensuring secure access to your online resources have never been so important.

The vast majority of security breaches occur when cyber-criminals gain access to corporate applications through compromised usernames and passwords. Reports suggest that the average SME under 1000 employees has at least 22 business applications. This rises significantly with mid-market and enterprises where on average they run from 460 to over 750 applications.

With so many applications, both SAAS based and on-premise, there is a need to provide secure, seamless centrally managed authentication, taking away the risk of users managing weak static passwords.

Our best of breed Identity Management Solutions provide both cloud and on-premise server-based authentication management platforms.

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Our Identity Access Management Solutions Include


Secure critical resources whether in the cloud or on-premise. Enable your organisation to work securely and effectively no matter which application. Our solutions core features include;

MFA Multi-Factor Authentication

2-Step or multi-step authentication using mobile apps, SMS, phone calls or tokens protecting against compromised passwords

SSO Single Sign On

Reduce password risks and enable your users to authenticate all their applications using a single secure login and identity

Auditing and Compliance Reporting

Proactive alerting - Detailed reporting for users' access to support auditing and compliance

Cloud Management

Seamless integration into commonly used third party SAAS applications like Office 365, Xero, Salesforce and HubSpot

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