User Awareness Training

Keeping your users up to date on the latest security threats

Make your employees your greatest security asset

Your employees are your first line of defence against cybercrime

AZTech IT's User Awareness Training helps educate your users on cyber threats, suspicious activity, and how to stay safe online. With 90% of security breaches occurring due to human error, user awareness training is key in keeping your organisation protected against cybercrime.

According to ID Agent, 92.4% of malware is delivered via email. Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated and highly targeted, making them harder to detect. If your users don't know the warning signs, they won't know they're being tricked into handing over private business data - but we can help.

Did you know?

90% of security breaches are caused by human error

How can we help?


Our User Awareness Training is designed to educate your users on cybersecurity. They will learn the warning signs of cyberattacks, the risks of clicking links or downloading attachments in suspicious emails, as well as how they can help protect your organisation by being cautious and aware of cyberthreats.


Our User Awareness Training Workshops will provide your users with the tools and knowledge they need to stay aware and alert to cyber threats.

Online Training

Utilise our online training - we have courses and videos that can help your users easily understand cybersecurity.

Phishing Simulations

Test your staff with fake phishing emails - choose between a normal campaign or a staggered campaign so you can test your users more efficiently and see which departments may need more training.

How to Stay Safe Online

Protecting your organisation doesn't just stop in the office, it's also about how your users share data online. Our User Awareness Training will teach your users about how cybercriminals use their personal data to gain access to your organisation.

How Secure is your Organisation?

Ensuring your data is protected and secure from cyber threats is crucial. Our Security Assessment will analyse, scan and test your organisation - we'll provide a report on how secure your data is, and provide advice on how you can improve your security.