IT Security Assessment

Assessing your organisations' threat risk

Ensuring your organisation is protected and secure from cyber threats is crucial in this modern age.

You need to safeguard your organisation against both internal and external threats, especially when the majority of security breaches in organisations are due to unintentional internal mishaps.

Our Security Assessment will analyse how secure your organisation is, discovering any vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Cyberthreats are evolving and becoming harder to detect every day, which is why it's imperative to keep on top of your security to ensure it's aligned with best practices.

What is a Security Assessment?
IT Security Assessments test your organisation's security, checking for vulnerabilities in your IT systems and processes. The assessments include recommendations to improve security hardening, keep to best practices, and lower your chances of future attacks.

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Our IT Security Assessment Will Cover

A comprehensive IT security assessment will be carried out. Here are just some of the areas we cover in the assessment service.

FireWall or UTM

We’ll complete an audit of your firewall or UTM solution to ensure configuration is aligned with best practices. Any misconfiguration of rules, features and ports will be identified and reported to ensure you can better protect your gateway security

Endpoint Protection

We'll assess how your company devices and BYOD are managed, how they're kept up to date and how secure they really are.

Email Security

We will conduct a thorough review of your email protection solution. We’ll audit the configuration to identify if a breach is likely or if you are at risk. We’ll review a number of areas including but not limited to; SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Spam Filters, Threat Protection Policies, URL Protection, Throttling and many more.

Vulnerability Scan

We'll complete a vulnerability scan and assess your workstations, servers and networks for known weaknesses to see if your infrastructure has any weak spots.

User Awareness

Your users are your frontline defence against phishing emails and other cyberattacks. We will assess how well your users' awareness is, if they need additional training and can test them with fake phishing emails to see where any weak areas may be.

Policies and Documentation

Your security policies and documentation are often overlooked and forgotten about. As technology is constantly evolving, as well as cyber threats, your security policies and documentation need to be kept up to date.

How secure is your organisation?

Having the right security tools is one thing, but testing them is another. If you don't test your security protection, you won't know if they'll hold up to a cyberattack until it's too late.

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We will assess and analyse your IT, provide you with a report of our findings and advise on how you could improve your security to help future proof your organisation.