Disaster Recovery Services

Round-the-clock protection for your mission-critical systems with Disaster Recovery (DR)

Don’t let a disaster put you out of business

A major data loss could be catastrophic for your business, so implementing a robust and comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential to protect your mission-critical systems and data.

We take a broad view of disaster recovery and business continuity, working to ensure that every element of your critical infrastructure, applications and data is protected.

This allows us to create a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan that’s tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation.

We partner with and leverage best-of-breed solutions including Datto, Microsoft Azure, Acronis, Veeam and AppAssure to deliver scalable and reliable business continuity as a service.

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What happens when there's a disaster?

We know if your IT goes down, your business is left vulnerable. That’s why we help you plan for the worst – ensuring your assets are protected, while helping to reduce downtime and speed recovery.

Ensure business continuity and protection of your assets with these solutions

Helping you safeguard your assets on-premises or in the cloud – focusing on minimising the impact of disaster on your business

  • Continuity Planning
    We’ll help you create a ready-to-run recovery plan, enabling you to get back on your feet at the earliest opportunity.

  • Co-location Services
    We’ll help you to get critical elements off-site and secure, ensuring they’re able to survive the worst.

  • Cloud Backup
    We’ll create a comprehensive, secure cloud back up to protect systems and files for servers and workstations.
  • High Availability Solutions
    We’ll help design and build high availability solutions that can withstand and recover from disruption.

  • Site Recovery Services
    We’ll help re-locate your workforce to temporary space and ensure your IT systems are working from the cloud until your site location is recovered.

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