Endpoint Detection & Response

Real-Time Visibility

Monitor, detect, analyse and remove abnormal activities on your endpoints with solutions from AZTech IT

EDR focuses on the detection of suspicious activities

Unlike traditional antivirus software that simply identifies and quarantines files suspected of Malware, AZTech's Endpoint Detection and Response is designed to look for and record system activity on your endpoints, providing you with the real-time visibility you need.

If any type of unusual activity is detected, alerts are sent to our security team so we can investigate further, isolating and removing the issue, so your business can continue as usual.

IT Health Check

Get a high-level overview of your current systems.

Protecting Your Organisation


With organisations constantly adding to their endpoints, whether it's desktops, smartphones or even Internet of Things (IoT) - there are now countless ways for cybercriminals to gain access to your data.

Endpoint visibility is critical to every organisation as antivirus software can only protect you so far against cybercrime. Many types of Malware are hard to detect with traditional methods, such as file-less malware that operates in your computer's memory, hidden from malware signature scanners.

Endpoint Detection and Response from AZTech scans all of your endpoints for any type of abnormal activity and sends alerts to your security team. This way any type of malware, whether it's hidden from malware signature scanners or easily detected, your team will be alerted.


With our EDR Solutions, your endpoints will be monitored daily with real-time visibility to collect activity data that may indicate threats.


We can analyse the collected data to identify threat patterns to help detect any breach attempts and stop them immediately.

Fast Response

Fast and accurate response to remove, contain or stop attacks before they become a breach, so you can continue business as usual.


Analysis tools research known and identified threats and search for suspicious activity.

How Secure is your Organisation?

Ensuring your data is protected and secure from cyber threats is crucial. Our Security Assessment will analyse, scan and test your organisation - we'll provide a report on how secure your data is, and provide advice on how you can improve your security.