(FWaaS) Firewall-as-a-Service

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Fully managed Unified Threat Management -
Next-Generation Firewall from AZTech IT to protect your network from Internet-borne threats

Secure Your Gateway with Unified Threat Management


To keep your organisation protected, you need to ensure your security solutions can cope with modern cyberattacks.

Our Next-Generation Firewalls go beyond the capabilities of traditional stateful network firewalls and enable them to be delivered as part of your cloud infrastructure.

They allow for extensive control and visibility of your applications, making it easier to identify threats using analysis and signature matching.

Protect Your Organisation

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Our Security Assessment will analyse how secure your organisation is, discovering any vulnerabilities and areas for improvements.

Keeping your data protected


Secure critical resources with NGFW whether in the cloud or on-premise and protect your data from threats with automated, real-time breach detection and protection.

Block more attacks

By utilising specialised software, our best of breed next-gen firewalls help to block more attacks, keeping your organisation safe.

Advanced Threat Protection

Prevent advanced threats with cloud-based and on-box threat protection that features anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web filtering and more.

Faster Performance

High-speed multi-core hardware architecture allows for faster performance than standard firewalls.

Flexible Solutions

One size doesn't fit all, which is why we can help you find the right firewall solution to suit you, whether you're a small enterprise or a large organisation.

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