Email Protection

Keeping your data secure

We utilise a multi-layered approach to email security to help protect your organisation's data from malware, spam, advanced threats and more.

Minimise Risk to your Data

Our integrated email protection solutions can help your organisation stay safe and protected against cyberthreats.

Security risks to your emails are constantly evolving, which is why you need to invest in email protection software that'll defend against both known and new threats.

Email attacks come in a range of forms from viruses to targeted phishing campaigns, with each attack becoming harder to detect than the last.

Your email security protection needs a multi-layered approach that includes the latest updates on current and emerging security threats.

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Ensure Email Protection


Cybersecurity risks are constantly evolving, and your emails are seen as an open door to cybercriminals - this is why you need a sophisticated approach to email protection. Our solutions core features include:

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your organisation against targeted threats such as phishing, spear-phishing and business email compromise.

Malicious URLs and attachments are blocked and your emails are scanned for any signs of fraud or social engineering.

Cloud-Based Email Protection

Cloud-based email protection is always on and up to date, protecting you from malware through to advanced threats.

Take advantage of solutions for email security, continuity and archiving, helping to simplify email management while reducing cost and minimising risk.

Malware & Spam Protection

Protect your organisation with anti-malware and anti-spam protection that scans for known and emerging threats.

Data Leak Protection

Utilise tools such as Content Control and data leak protection to scan your emails for possible leaks based on your admin-defined policies.

Secure Messaging

Enable your users to send secure messages without needing to manage encryption keys. Administrators can set policies with ease, encrypting messages and attachments based on their content, such as HR, Finance and more.

Secure File Transfer

With our email protection solutions, you can avoid using insecure third-party services to send your large files. You'll be able to send up to 2GB of data safely and securely, keeping your organisation protected against cyberthreats.

How Secure is your Organisation?

Ensuring your data is protected and secure from cyber threats is crucial. Our Security Assessment will analyse, scan and test your organisation - we'll provide a report on how secure your data is, and provide advice on how you can improve your security.