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How Safe is Cloud Storage for my Business?

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 30-Jul-2018 10:00:00

Security is a top priority for any business today. New data protection requirements, as well as the need to avoid damage to reputation from data loss – and the potential business disruption of a security breach - make safe and secure storage an important goal.

Today, there are some significant benefits to using cloud storage for your business when it comes to security. In fact, for many organisations it’s a safer option than an on-site solution.

The security of Cloud Storage and the different level of security each solutions offers

Cloud storage has come a long way in recent years and now represents one of the most secure options for your data. When in the cloud, data is almost always encrypted with a code that would need to be cracked for anyone to read your files. Cloud storage transfers the responsibility for security to an experienced and specialised service provider and ensures that regular maintenance, such as back-ups and updates, never slips. So, the cloud is generally a very secure choice for data, but what are the different cloud options available?

  1. Private cloud security. If ultra-tight cloud security is essential to your business then the private cloud provides the most control. A private cloud is owned by an individual business and run in its data centre. Everything is privately deployed and managed so there is minimal risk to data. This is ideal for organisations dealing with data that is more sensitive than average, or compliance requirements that are incredibly strict.
  2. Public cloud security. The public cloud has a huge range of benefits in terms of cost efficiency and scalability and also has the advantage of the increased security of off-site storage. Storing your data in a public cloud removes certain risks, such as failures to update and manage infrastructure and systems, and can make better data protection simpler thanks to the use of encryption.
  3. Hybrid cloud security. A hybrid cloud storage solution combines the bespoke nature of a private infrastructure with the cost benefits and flexibility of the public cloud. It can provide essential protections, such as safe sharing, secure connections and access, and essential redundancies.

Security of cloud storage vs. the security of an on-site solution

For many organisations cloud storage represents a security upgrade to an on-premise solution and is much easier to manage.

Managing access

Unauthorised access to data is a major threat for any business. With cloud storage solutions, unique and specific login credentials are generated for employees to ensure they only access designated information and that a digital paper trail can be created to support accountability.

Averting on-site disaster

Fire, flood, theft or vandalism can destroy on-site storage solutions and leave a business with no access to data. Where cloud storage is in use, all files are stored off-site so even if the entire building burns to the ground, data will still be available to enable the business to continue to operate.

Maintaining industry standards

Cloud storage supplied by a provider will be consistent with the latest industry security standards and best practice, and will be constantly updated and improved. Most individual organisations simply can’t afford to be this up to date.

Ensuring architectural stability

All hardware will most likely fail at some point but cloud storage providers are generally much more prepared for this and so cloud storage architecture tends to be far more stable. Automatic failovers, using multiple redundant copies of data and hosting applications on multiple servers are just some of the protections that support cloud storage in a way that on-site solutions may not.

The guarantee of business continuity

If uptime is the measure of effective security, cloud storage is the big winner - cloud services within Microsoft Azure, for example, come with a 99.95% SLA guarantee, which is far greater than most on-site solutions could offer.

There is no 100% safe option when it comes to data storage, but the myth that only on-premise storage can provide anywhere close to this has now been broken wide open. Cloud storage is robust and high quality – and often provides guarantees where a local storage solution cannot.


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