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Top Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

Posted by Sophie Ashwood | 15-Oct-2020 12:06:09

Microsoft defines Windows Virtual Desktop as a "desktop and app virtualisation service that runs on the cloud".

Windows Virtual Desktop makes work more accessible, flexible and secure. It can help you save money while making it easier to work from home, and so much more.

Here are the top benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop:

1. Bring Your Own Device

Your remote employees can securely access company resources from their own unmanaged devices. This works by the user logging into the Windows Virtual Desktop on their own device, which connects to their work computer in the office, safely letting them access the data they need.

2. Device Cost

Run programs inexpensively from your devices such as thin clients, Chromebooks, and NUCs. As everything is hosted in the cloud, your users can use lower grade machines to connect to the WVD - this also means a reduction in ongoing hardware and PC costs.

3. Virtualisation

Reduce unused processing power based on your user's and team's needs by virtualising specific apps in WVD - this is a great solution if your users are working from home or remotely and need to use heavy duty programmes such as Adobe Creative Suite or large Excel files and they don't have a powerful desktop.

4. Whitelisted Access

Create virtual workspaces securely with Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure NAT Gateway.

5. No VPN Slowdown

By migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure, you gain more scalability for crisis events.

6. Working Remotely

Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to easily work from home. Each virtual desktop can be personalised to the user to ensure they have the access they need.

Interested in Windows Virtual Desktop?

Get in touch with our helpful team - we're Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, which means we have the highest degree of expertise in working with Microsoft technologies.

We can provide demonstrations on how the Windows Virtual Desktop works, how you can personalise it for your organisation, as well as how your organisation can benefit from utilising it for both office based workers and those working from home.

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Written by Sophie Ashwood

Marketing Executive at AZTech IT Solutions

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