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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Educating your employees on cyber security, how to stay vigilant against cyber threats and warning signs/risks of potential cyber-attacks.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training. Cyber Security Awareness Training. Cyber Security Awareness Training.

90% of security breaches are caused by human error

Your employees are your first line of defence against cybercrime. With phishing attacks becoming more sophisticated and highly targeted, making them harder to detect, Cyber Security Awareness Training is key in keeping your organisation protected against cybercrime. If your employees don’t know the warning signs, they won’t know they’re being tricked into handing over private business data.

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Our Service

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training service is designed to educate your employees on a few areas of cyber security. We empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognise, mitigate, and respond to cyber risks effectively enabling them to learn about the warning signs of a cyber-attack, the risks of clicking links or downloading attachments in suspicious emails, alongside how they can help protect your organisation by being more cautious and aware of cyber threats. Our service uses various workshops or online courses and videos through a combination of engaging modules for training so that it is easily understandable as well as test simulations and exercises involving real-world scenarios educating individuals on the latest cyber threats, best practices, and the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. The tests allow you to see which departments or individuals in your organisation need more training. We also extend our training to outside of the office by teaching your users how to keep their personal data safe from cybercriminals so that they can’t gain access to your organisation. Tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, our Cyber Security Awareness Training services address specific compliance requirements and industry regulations. We also provide regular updates ensure that the training content remains current and aligned with emerging cyber threats so that you get a dynamic defence against evolving risks.
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Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training



Our training programs empower your organisation with crucial knowledge about warning signs, enabling employees to discern and effectively respond to increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. By equipping them with the necessary skills to differentiate between legitimate communications and potential threats, we bolster your organisation's overall security posture.


Employees serve as the frontline defence against cybercrime, and our training ensures they remain vigilant and informed about the latest threats. By keeping them abreast of emerging cyber risks and security best practices, we transform your workforce into a proactive and resilient security asset, capable of identifying and mitigating potential threats effectively.
Reducing human error

Reducing human error

Human error accounts for a significant portion of security breaches, making comprehensive training essential in reducing such occurrences. Our tailored programs focus on effectively educating employees about the importance of safeguarding company data and recognising suspicious behaviours. By instilling a culture of security awareness, we significantly help you mitigate the risk of insider threats and inadvertent security breaches.
Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

In today's regulatory landscape, adherence to cybersecurity regulations and compliance requirements is paramount. Our cybersecurity awareness training ensures that employees understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining compliance with relevant regulations. By educating them on compliance standards and best practices, we help organisations avoid costly fines, penalties, and reputational damage associated with non-compliance, ultimately safeguarding their business interests and reputation.
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Online courses & videos

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training integrates cutting-edge features, utilising online courses and videos to elevate the effectiveness of learning within your organisation. Our online courses offer a dynamic flexible platform for training, specifically designed to educate your workforce on recognising suspicious activities and understanding warning signs in the digital landscape. This approach enables your employees to stay abreast of evolving cyber threats, fostering a proactive defence mechanism. We prioritise user-friendly content to ensure that learning about cybersecurity is not only comprehensive but also easily understandable. Visual aids enhance comprehension, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for your participants. This multimedia approach ensures that the training is not only informative but also resonates effectively with diverse learning styles, equipping your team with practical knowledge to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity confidently.
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Workshops & Simulations

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training goes beyond conventional methods, incorporating hands-on workshops, real-world test simulations and scenarios to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience for your organisation. Workshops offer a collaborative environment where your employees actively engage with cybersecurity principles, fostering a deeper understanding of potential threats and effective defence strategies. These interactive sessions empower participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing retention and practical application. Simulations form a crucial aspect, replicating cyber threats in a controlled environment. This hands-on approach allows employees to experience and respond to simulated cyber-attacks, honing their skills in a risk-free setting. The result is a workforce that not only comprehends cybersecurity concepts but also develops the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to actual threats. By integrating workshops and simulations, our training ensures a well-rounded and proactive cybersecurity posture, preparing your team to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital security with confidence.
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Metrics, Reporting & Continuous Education

Our Security Awareness Training is distinguished by its emphasis on metrics, reporting, and a commitment to continuous education, ensuring a comprehensive and evolving defence strategy for your organisation. We employ robust metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the training, tracking key indicators to measure the level of awareness and adherence to cybersecurity protocols amongst your employees. These metrics provide valuable insights for refining and customising training content based on your specific organisational needs, as well as to measure the impact of the training initiatives. 
Our reporting mechanisms offer transparent visibility into the progress and outcomes of the training for your company, allowing you to assess the impact and make informed decisions. Continuous education is ingrained in our approach, recognising that cybersecurity is a dynamic field. Regular updates and additional modules keep your workforce abreast of the latest threats and defence mechanisms, fostering a culture of ongoing learning. By intertwining metrics, reporting, and continuous education, our training ensures that your organisation remains resilient and adaptive in the face of ever-evolving cyber challenges.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training is an educational program designed to teach individuals within an organisation how to recognise and respond to cyber threats effectively. It aims to raise awareness about common cyber risks and best practices for protecting sensitive information.

All employees, from entry-level staff to senior executives, should participate in the cyber security awareness training program.

Yes, Cyber Security Awareness Training is often a requirement for compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others. Training employees on proper security protocols helps organisations meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties for non-compliance.

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