Hosted IP Telephony

Reliable and secure, Cloud-based IP Telephony services from Aztech

Simple, pay-as-you-go communications services in the Cloud

Hosted IP Telephony delivers all the functions and reliability of a traditional PBX but with lower call costs and none of the complications. It’s easily scalable, flexible by design and works on a pay-as-you-go model

A hosted telephony service delivers freedom and functionality. With one of our VoIP & SIP telephony solutions your business will benefit from flexible call routing, free calls to and from different office locations and cost savings in line rental and call costs.

Hosted services are intrinsically scalable and avoid the upfront expense that comes with on-premise equipment. If you want to add another user, it’s a simple software update that’s added to your monthly bill. No more upgrades, no more maintenance, no more hardware.

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Why Hosted IP?

  • Flexibility

    Receive calls with a single number at any location, add more extensions as you grow

  • Cost-reduction

    Calls travel over the internet instead of traditional phone lines

  • Low risk

    Start out small and add more extensions as you grow. No upfront investment needed

We partner with the industry’s leading VoIP telephony provider to deliver best of breed

Reliability, cost-efficiency and extended functionality from Mitel, Gamma and Broadsoft - the industry’s leading names in VoIP telephony

We provide hosted Mitel telephony solutions and Cloud telephony based on Gamma Telecom’s ‘Horizon’ platform to ensure the highest call quality and service reliability. We only work with the best names in the business and provide integration, configuration and support services via VoiceTech - our own dedicated telecoms service team.

Gamma Hosted IP Telephony
Broadsoft Hosted IP Telephony

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