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Allowing your users to work on any device whilst helping you take control to ensure your data is protected.
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Effective MDM solutions navigate dynamic mobile landscapes adeptly

MDM solutions enable secure management of mobile devices used by employees, addressing visibility and management challenges across diverse devices and operating systems. Protecting against mobile email and SMS phishing threats is crucial, necessitating enhanced security aligned with a zero-trust architecture. Remote configuration, monitoring, and management of various devices are essential tasks for IT and security leaders. MDM solutions allow administrators to enforce security policies, distribute applications and updates, and remotely lock or wipe devices. A centralised dashboard provides insights into device usage and inventory, facilitating effective troubleshooting. With granular control over settings and permissions, MDM software creates a secure and productive mobile workforce environment, offering flexibility and scalability to meet enterprise needs. 

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Our Service

Our MDM solutions provide device control for various OS types, including BYOD. While user-owned devices offer cost savings, they also pose security risks. Implementing our MDM enhances data security and productivity. Centralised management ensures control and visibility over device usage, allowing employees to work on any device securely. Seamless integration with enterprise systems streamlines workflows. Our MDM balances security and usability, empowering your mobile workforce while mitigating risks. We offer visibility, management, and security for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
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Benefits of Mobile Device Management Solutions



With our MDM solution, you gain control over how users access and utilise data in your cloud environments and mobile apps. Integrated data protection and compliance capabilities ensure that sensitive information remains secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.
Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Our MDM service integrates endpoint management, allowing you to efficiently manage organisation-owned devices or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD). This centralised management approach ensures that all devices are kept up-to-date and compliant with organisational policies, providing flexible control over device usage and configurations.


The setup process for enrolling devices with our MDM service is straightforward. Once registered, devices are automatically configured with your organisation's connectivity settings, email profiles, and device-specific restrictions. This streamlined enrolment process simplifies device management and reduces administrative overhead.


Our MDM service enhances your organisation's security posture by providing additional layers of protection. Compliance rules and security policies help enforce security best practices, protecting devices from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats. Additionally, web protection and filtering features ensure safe browsing experiences for users, minimising the risk of malicious activities.
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Content & Application Management

Application Management and Content Management are two vital features of our MDM solutions, providing your organisation with robust control and protection over your mobile ecosystem. With Application Management features, your administrators can efficiently govern the deployment of mobile apps, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and security policies. Centralised control over app access and distribution optimises your resource allocation while bolstering data security. Content Management features extend these capabilities by safeguarding your sensitive information and resources on mobile devices. Through secure file sharing, document encryption, and content filtering, your administrators can enforce data privacy regulations and prevent unauthorised access or data breaches. Our proactive approach not only protects your sensitive information but also strengthens your organisational compliance and security posture. By seamlessly integrating Application and Content Management features into our MDM solutions, you can gain confidence in your organisations ability to embrace mobile technologies securely. With enhanced control and protection over your digital assets, you can navigate the dynamic landscape of mobile device usage with peace of mind, knowing that your data is safeguarded, and compliance requirements are met.
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Device Enrolment & Security Policies

Device Enrolment and Provisioning is a foundational feature of our MDM solutions, facilitating the seamless onboarding of mobile devices into your organisation's management system. Our MDM solution streamlines the enrolment process, ensuring that your devices are securely provisioned and ready for use without disruption. With Security Policy Enforcement features, our team of experts enforce security policies and settings on mobile devices to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate potential risks. This includes enforcing passcode requirements, encrypting data, restricting access to unauthorised apps and websites, and implementing remote wipe and lock capabilities in the event of loss or theft. By proactively managing security policies, we help maintain the integrity of your organisation's mobile ecosystem, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and bolstering overall data protection efforts.
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Compliance & Remote Device Management

Our MDM solution’s Compliance Monitoring and Reporting features empower your administrators to track device compliance with security protocols, regulatory standards, and industry best practices. Through comprehensive monitoring capabilities, our MDM solutions ensure adherence to security policies and regulatory mandates, helping your organisation demonstrate commitment to data protection and regulatory compliance. Detailed reporting features offer insights into device status, security posture, and compliance metrics, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive risk management strategies. Additionally, our MDM solutions streamline administrative tasks by enabling remote management of mobile devices from a centralised console. This eliminates the need for physical access to devices, saving time and resources while enhancing security and scalability. Your administrators can efficiently configure settings, deploy updates, and troubleshoot issues, ensuring uninterrupted device functionality and adherence to organisational policies and security protocols using MDM software.

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Yes, modern MDM solutions are designed to support multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, allowing organisations to manage diverse device fleets effectively.

MDM solutions support BYOD policies by segregating personal and corporate data on devices, enforcing security policies only on corporate data and applications, and allowing remote wiping of corporate data while preserving personal data.

MDM platforms enable administrators to distribute, update, and manage applications across all managed devices centrally. They can push required apps, ensure version consistency, and revoke access if needed.

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