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Giving you a level of visibility and control over your applications that a traditional network firewall can’t match.
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FWaaS. FWaaS. FWaaS.

Firewalls are an essential security measure for any organisation’s cyber security infrastructure

To keep your organisation protected, you need to ensure your security solutions can cope with modern cyberattacks. Firewalls ultimately filter all traffic that tries to cross the network’s border for inspection and can administer the network boundary where necessary preventing cyber-attacks. Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) represents a significant evolution in cybersecurity, offering organisations of all sizes the opportunity to fortify their digital perimeters with cutting-edge protection without the need for physical infrastructure. At its core, FWaaS leverages the capabilities of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and shifts it from physical application to the Cloud, providing a flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for safeguarding networks, applications, and data from an increasingly sophisticated array of cyber threats. Removing the security capabilities from the physical infrastructure of a business allows securer connections to remote working and therefore the ability to cope with the modern corporate network having applications on-premises and in the cloud. One of the primary advantages of FWaaS is its ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern IT environments. Traditional, on-premises firewalls are often constrained by hardware limitations and static configurations, making them ill-suited to defend against rapidly evolving cyber threats and the fluid nature of cloud-based architectures.

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Our Service

Unlike traditional network firewalls, our Firewall as a Service provides unparalleled visibility and control over your applications, ensuring enhanced protection against modern cyber threats. With a fully managed unified threat management next-generation firewall, we deliver comprehensive security measures tailored to safeguard your network. Through advanced analysis and signature matching, we proactively identify and mitigate potential threats, fortifying your defences and preventing attacks before they occur. Our FWaaS seamlessly integrates into your Cloud Infrastructure, surpassing the limitations of traditional counterparts. By transitioning security capabilities to the Cloud, we offer enhanced flexibility and scalability, enabling secure connections for remote working and adapting to the complexities of modern corporate networks. Our FWaaS solution provides centralised management and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to efficiently monitor and enforce security policies across distributed environments from a single, intuitive dashboard. This streamlined approach not only simplifies security operations but also facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
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Benefits of Firewall as a Service

Faster performance

Faster performance

Utilising high-speed multi-core hardware architecture, our FWaaS ensures faster performance compared to standard firewalls. This optimised hardware allows for efficient processing of network traffic, minimising latency and ensuring smooth operation of your network infrastructure.


FWaaS provides an additional layer of protection against threats and attacks that traditional firewalls may not effectively mitigate. By leveraging advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities, our FWaaS solution helps safeguard your network assets and sensitive data from cyber threats, intrusions, and unauthorised access attempts.


We understand that every business has unique requirements when it comes to firewall solutions. That's why we offer flexible support to help you find the right firewall solution tailored to your specific needs, whether you're a large enterprise or a small business. Our experts work closely with you to assess your security needs and recommend the most suitable FWaaS solution for your organisation.


Our expert FWaaS team utilise specialised industry-leading next-generation firewall software to ensure maximum protection for your organisation. By staying updated with the latest advancements in firewall technology, we can effectively block sophisticated attacks and vulnerabilities, keeping your network secure and resilient against evolving threats.
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Centralised Management & Performance Optimisation

Our FWaaS Centralised Management features provide a unified platform for administering firewall policies across your distributed networks and multiple sites. This streamlines your administration processes and guarantees a uniform security posture throughout your organisation. By centralising firewall policy management, complexities associated with maintaining security across diverse network infrastructures are minimised, promoting operational efficiency, and reducing the risk of inconsistencies or vulnerabilities. Another key feature of our FWaaS is performance optimisation, which involves our expert team optimising network traffic to enhance overall performance. Through intelligent traffic routing and bandwidth management techniques, critical applications are prioritised, ensuring they receive timely access to resources while maintaining optimal network performance. By fine-tuning traffic flow and resource allocation, our FWaaS ensures that your operations remain efficient and responsive, even during periods of high demand or network congestion.
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Flexibility, Updates & Maintenance

Scalability and Flexibility are integral features of our FWaaS, providing seamless adaptability to dynamic network environments. With our FWaaS, scaling firewall capacity is effortless, enabling swift adjustment to fluctuating network requirements. Whether accommodating surges in traffic volumes, integrating new applications, or expanding to additional locations, our FWaaS ensures uninterrupted protection while optimising performance and resource allocation. This flexibility empowers you to efficiently manage your network security infrastructure, promoting agility and scalability in response to evolving business needs. Automatic Updates and Maintenance features streamline security management by ensuring that our FWaaS solutions are consistently up to date with the latest security measures. Regular updates encompass vital components such as security patches, firmware upgrades, and threat intelligence feeds. By proactively addressing vulnerabilities and staying abreast of emerging cyber threats, our FWaaS facilitates continuous protection for your network. This automated approach to maintenance enhances your security posture, mitigating risks and bolstering defences against evolving cybersecurity threats, thereby safeguarding organisational assets, and preserving operational continuity.
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Real-time monitoring & Threat protection

The Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting feature of our FWaaS, delivers essential insights into your network activity and security status. With real-time monitoring capabilities, you can track your firewall performance, analyse network traffic patterns, and swiftly identify security incidents as they unfold. This proactive approach enables timely detection and response to potential threats, minimising their impact on your network whilst ensuring continuous protection for your digital assets. Advanced Threat Protection is a robust security feature of our FWaaS, equipped with intrusion detection and prevention, application control, malware detection, content filtering and much more. It provides comprehensive defence against a wide spectrum of cyber threats. By leveraging sophisticated threat detection mechanisms and proactive mitigation strategies, our FWaaS solution effectively safeguards your network infrastructure, protecting against evolving vulnerabilities and emerging attack vectors. This multi-layered defence approach enhances overall security posture, bolstering resilience and ensuring the integrity of your organisation's digital ecosystem.

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Key benefits of FWaaS include improved network security, simplified management and administration, scalability to accommodate changing business needs, cost-effectiveness by eliminating the need for physical firewall hardware, and enhanced visibility and control over network traffic.

Yes, FWaaS is well-suited for multi-cloud environments where organisations utilise multiple cloud platforms and services. It provides consistent security policies and controls across different cloud environments, ensuring uniform protection and compliance regardless of where your applications and data are hosted.

Yes, FWaaS can protect against a wide range of advanced threats, including distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, malware, ransomware, and other sophisticated cyber threats, by employing various security mechanisms such as intrusion detection and prevention and threat intelligence.

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