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Allowing you to monitor and managed your Cloud-based applications in real-time whilst protecting your sensitive data.
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Cloud App Security. Cloud App Security. Cloud App Security.

Cloud migrations can come with security challenges without the right tools...

Transitioning to the cloud offers organisations enhanced flexibility, communication, and collaboration, yet it also introduces security challenges if not equipped with the right tools. Cloud App Security services serves as a vital component of any organisation's cybersecurity strategy by acting as a Cloud access security broker bridging the gap between users and Cloud applications to monitor all activity and enforce security policies. Its versatile deployment options, including API connectors, reverse proxy, and log collection, ensure seamless integration with various cloud environments, providing comprehensive coverage regardless of the infrastructure setup. By monitoring all user activities within Cloud applications you’ll get rich visibility and control of your data with superior analytics so cyber threats can be identified and actioned across your cloud party services. Cloud App Security services enables administrators to enforce granular security policies, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive data from unauthorised access or leakage. Additionally, its advanced analytics capabilities leverage machine learning and behavioural analysis to detect anomalous behaviours and potential security threats in real-time, empowering organisations to proactively mitigate risks and safeguard their cloud-based assets. With Cloud Application Security, organisations can confidently embrace the benefits of Cloud computing while maintaining robust security measures to protect against evolving cyber threats.

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Our Service

Our Cloud App Security Service provides comprehensive protection for your sensitive data by enforcing access controls and encryption protocols, preventing unauthorised access and data breaches. With our real-time monitoring and management capabilities, you can proactively identify and address security incidents, ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Whether utilising popular Cloud platforms like Office 365 or Salesforce, or other Cloud services, our solution offers complete visibility and control over your user activities and company data, allowing administrators to swiftly respond to emerging threats and maintain a secure environment. By using our Cloud App Security service, you will enhance your security posture and minimise the risk of data loss, enabling your businesses to focus on driving productivity and achieving your strategic objectives with confidence.
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Benefits of Cloud App Security Services.



Our Cloud App Security Service offers comprehensive data security, advanced threat protection, and compliance features for Cloud usage. By leveraging these capabilities, we help prevent targeted attacks, impersonation, and account takeover incidents in your cloud environments. This proactive approach to security helps safeguard your organisation's sensitive data and critical assets from evolving cyber threats.



With our service, you gain access to custom reports and alerts, enabling proactive monitoring and response to security incidents. Additionally, we facilitate the approval of applications, enforce data loss prevention policies, and control permissions and sharing of confidential data. These features empower you to maintain control over your cloud environment and protect against data breaches and unauthorised access.



We can investigate your Cloud apps using our Cloud App Security service to identify breaches and security gaps by analysing real-time and past events. With our Cloud App Security service, organisations gain the capability to conduct thorough investigations into their Cloud applications, leveraging real-time and historical event analysis. By scrutinising past events and monitoring current activities, we can swiftly identify breaches and security gaps, enabling prompt remediation actions to mitigate risks effectively. This proactive approach enhances your overall cyber security posture, allowing you to feel confident that your cloud environments are continuously monitored and protected against emerging threats.



Leveraging our service, we conduct thorough examinations of risky apps, specific users, and files within your network. This comprehensive analysis provides insights into potential weaknesses in your security posture, allowing you to address vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious actors.


Utilising our Cloud App Security Service provides you with visibility into Cloud usage, app activity, and data access by your users. You can discover unauthorised apps, monitor user activity, and gain insights into data sharing and third-party app usage within your Cloud environment. This visibility enhances your organisation's ability to enforce security policies, detect anomalous behaviour, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

With our Cloud App Security Service, you can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards by enforcing data protection policies, auditing cloud usage, and generating compliance reports.
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Cloud App Discovery & Threat Response

Our threat detection and incident response features offer proactive monitoring of your Cloud app usage, ensuring the safety of your digital assets. As a feature of Cloud App Security Services, our dedicated team meticulously tracks for any irregularities such as unauthorised access attempts or suspicious activities, promptly notifying you with real-time alerts. In addition, automated incident response mechanisms are in place to swiftly mitigate potential risks, preventing data loss and maintaining the integrity of your systems. The Cloud App Discovery features of our Cloud App Security service delivers comprehensive insights into the Cloud applications utilised across your organisation. By identifying and categorising both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, it sheds light on shadow IT practices, enabling informed decision-making regarding security policies and resource allocation. This visibility not only aids in risk management but also enhances compliance efforts by ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. With our Cloud App security, you can proactively address potential security threats and streamline your cloud infrastructure for optimal efficiency and safety.
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DLP & Cloud Security Configuration

Cloud Security Configuration Management is a cornerstone feature of our Cloud App Security services, ensuring robust protection for your digital assets. Our expert team will thoroughly evaluate and enforce security configurations and best practices across your Cloud applications and services. By focusing on critical areas such as encryption settings, access controls, and authentication mechanisms, we significantly reduce the risk of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. This proactive approach fortifies your Cloud infrastructure, enhancing resilience against potential cyber threats and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features provides essential safeguards against the unauthorised exposure of sensitive information stored within your Cloud environment. Through the implementation of tailored policies and advanced detection mechanisms, we prevent the sharing, leakage, or exposure of your critical data, including customer information, intellectual property, and financial records. By mitigating the risk of data breaches and compliance violations, our DLP features offers peace of mind, safeguarding your organisation's reputation and ensuring the integrity of your valuable assets in the cloud.

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Compliance Monitoring, Access Control & Identity Management

Access Control and Identity Management are fundamental features of our Cloud App Security service, designed to fortify your defences against unauthorised access and data breaches. We implement detailed access controls and identity management policies tailored to your organisation's needs, regulating user access to Cloud applications based on predefined roles, privileges, and contextual factors. This ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive data and resources, mitigating the risk of insider threats and external attacks. By enforcing stringent access control measures, we bolster the security posture of your Cloud environment, safeguarding your critical assets from potential exploitation. Compliance Monitoring and Reporting features offers invaluable insights into your organisation's adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. Through comprehensive reports and audit logs, we track user activity, access events, and compliance status within cloud applications. This not only helps you demonstrate compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA but also enables proactive identification and remediation of potential compliance gaps. With our robust compliance monitoring and reporting capabilities, you can confidently navigate regulatory landscapes while maintaining the security and integrity of your cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud App Security addresses a range of threats, including unauthorised access, data breaches, malware, phishing attacks, insider threats, and data loss. It employs techniques like encryption, access controls, threat intelligence, and behavioural analysis to mitigate these risks.

Cloud App Security employs various measures such as encryption, access controls, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention (DLP) to protect against data breaches. It monitors user activity, detects suspicious behaviour, and alerts administrators to potential threats in real time.

Cloud App Security is designed to minimise impact on performance and user experience while providing robust security. It employs lightweight agents, API integrations, and cloud-native technologies to ensure seamless operation without causing disruptions or latency issues for end-users.

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