Case Study

Digital Transformation

Case Study:

Digital Transformation

About Rapiergroup
Founded in 1988, Rapiergroup is an award-winning creative agency producing exceptional live events, experiences and exhibitions across the globe. Working in a variety of sectors, including technology, aerospace and defence, they offer all aspects of event, exhibition and experiential marketing.

The Challenge
Rapiergroup wanted their IT to be at the forefront of technology and wished to implement a Digital Transformation. However, we had a few challenges to address before we could begin executing any change – ageing hardware, all systems on-premise, tight time frames due to event schedules, and a mobile workforce.

We prepared a Tailored Roadmap for Rapiergroup to ensure we laid out all problem areas and had a clear vision of where we should be at the end of the project.

Our Solution
Before we could begin implementing any change, we discovered there was no clear path to Digital Transformation. All workstations were outdated and not compatible with Windows 10 or Office 365, therefore we needed to upgrade the desktops and workstations to enable a smooth migration.

The next issue we faced was scheduling – as Rapiergroup is an events company, we needed to organise our work around their events schedule. Due to the timescales between Rapiergroup’s events, we scheduled parts of the projects to take place during each open window, which could vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, all while ensuring we kept minimal disruption to all users at Rapiergroup.

Download our Case Study to read how we implemented Digital Transformation and our results.

Company: Rapiergroup
Sector: Events
Location: UK
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