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The benefits of cloud computing and how to empower your team wherever they’re working.

Posted by Chris Houghton | 17-Nov-2021 09:30:00

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have changed the way they work, whether that be to remain remote or introduce hybrid working. This has had a huge impact on how many companies and individual teams operate within a business.

These changes have meant there has had to be a shift in technology used by businesses that allow and empowers employees to work effectively and collaboratively from any location.

 This blog will cover our top tips on how to empower your team using cloud technology, as well as what cloud computing is and its benefits.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an application-based software that stores data on remote servers, this means that you can access your applications, documents, and tools on any device, anywhere you go. This is a fast and effective way to access the data you need easily, which makes remote work more flexible and more secure.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

High Security

Many people use security as a reason not to use cloud computing, however, it should be a reason for why you should use it. The cloud host’s full-time job is to monitor the system 24/7 which in fact is more efficient than an in-house IT system, meaning that it’s probably much safer to keep certain information off-site and on the cloud as the security risk is lower.

Furthermore, many cloud-based services offer disaster recovery solutions, in a variety of formats that reduce the cost, time and storage space required.

Keep up to date

As the cloud services suppliers keep all systems maintained, it means you do not need to worry about rolling out updates, and as all updating is done centrally, and automatically rolled out, you do not need to worry about an application or tool not being updated. This will save the business time, as well as ensure all applications include the latest security specs.


Cloud-based services allow for a level of agility that is ideal for businesses that are growing, or even decreasing in size. If the business needs increase or decrease it is easy to scale up or down your cloud capacity by simply drawing on the service’s remote servers.

This level of flexibility can give your business a great competitive advantage.


Cloud services create a new level of mobility means that you can access your apps, documents and data on your smartphones, tablets and any device that has access to the internet. This means staff have great mobility on where they work, when and how.


Cloud environments encourage collaboration between employees and teams. By using cloud applications, multiple people can create, edit, and share documents anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based applications, allows people to view edits in real-time, as well as give them full visibility of their collaborators.

Backed Up

All your information and data is automatically backed up daily. This takes the worry of ensuring you back up your data regularly in case of some form of disaster, whether that be a natural disaster or malicious activity.  

How to empower your team from wherever they’re working with cloud technology

 So now you know the benefits of cloud-based solutions, how can you utilise these tools to ensure you are empowering your employees to work effectively, efficiently, and productively whilst remote or hybrid working?

We cover our top 5 tips on how to empower your team, from wherever they’re working, using cloud technology.

Move to the cloud

First and foremost, we recommend businesses move to a cloud-based solution. If there are employees working from home, hybrid working, need to travel for work, or if you have teams in various locations, creating a cloud environment will mean employees and teams will be able to access information, as well as collaborate with teams wherever they may be.

Optimise efficiency

Secondly, utilise your cloud applications to increase productivity. Instead of sending a document too and frow between colleagues, work collaboratively on a document with your team, where you can see edits as they are made, in real-time.

Being able to access documents, apps and tools from any device from any location means that your team can work from anywhere, whether this is from home, from the office, a train, wherever.

Encourage Collaboration

Cloud collaboration will keep your employees, teams in touch, and can even help improve collaboration between departments. Using tools such as video call, screen sharing, task management software and instant messaging, teams can work effectively together, arguably more effectively than if they were in the same room as all parties will have access to all information, tools and data they need.

Promotes Transparency

Using cloud services can help create a more transparent work culture by using continuous open lines of communications. Sharing employee, team and business updates will ensure employees feel more in touch with the business and more well informed on plans and changes.


Whilst alternatives such as VPN servers are available, cloud solutions tend to be faster and more efficient. Ensuring remote and hybrid workers can easily and quickly access the data and information they need to complete their work effectively is key to empowering your employees to produce their best work.



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Written by Chris Houghton

Client Services Director

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