Our Mission & Core Values



Our Mission
Our mission is to exceed our clients' expectations with every interaction.


Provide value to their organisation so we are trusted as a strategic partner.


To be recognised as a leading, innovative provider in our marketplace.


Our Vision
We are building a dynamic, fun and continuously improving organisation founded on passion and the superior delivery of services.


We empower our clients to focus on their core business, enhancing and accelerating their success. 


We provide our team a challenging and progressive opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Our core values help us achieve this.


Service Excellence

Our company motto.


This incorporates all the values we adhere to and is exactly what makes our support service what it is.



We own our responsibilities whilst embracing both failures and triumphs equally.



We have a shared enthusiasm for our vision to do things differently and to challenge the norm.


We have a passionate thirst to excel in all we do, making a difference to each individual we support.



We set high standards for our work and behaviours, and stick to them even in difficult situations.


The depth of our commitment to effectively work together, accomplishing the goals of our clients and organisation, is a critical factor in our success.



Our clients and stakeholders know we’re dependable and honour our commitments.


Trust is the framework of our business, and our clients entrust us with their networks.



We work to surpass ordinary standards.

Our benchmark for the quality of every element of our work is excellence. We strive for it every day in order to continue to positively contribute to the vision of the company.

We continually learn and expand our knowledge, so we can grow and adapt in our roles. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of services.

Strive to be the best

 At Aztech IT we constantly strive to be the best managed service provider in our area.

We constantly measure our service levels to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our clients. 

Exceed Expectations

Providing fantastic service is not enough for us at Aztech IT.

We look to exceed expectations by going above and beyond for our clients. 

Only 10 out of 10 will do

Every ticket or support issue is verified with an optional client satisfaction survey by our clients.

We only want to score 10 out of 10 and work hard on every issue endeavour to make this happen.  

People with HEART

At Aztech IT we employ people with heart.

  • Helpful
  • Effective
  • Adaptable
  • Remarkable
  • Trustworthy