Managed Security

Protect everything you’ve worked for

Protecting your irreplaceable business data is now one of the single biggest challenges facing small businesses. To defend yourself from what’s out there, there are several factors that should be considered to provide comprehensive protection for your network and data.

No matter what the size of your network, certain principles apply when designing and implementing a security policy. Our security strategies utilise these principles when we design and install our security policies, regardless of the size of the network; this allows us to deliver enterprise-level security solutions that work for small businesses like yours.

With Managed Security from Aztech IT, your business will achieve:

  • Continuity – resilient technology operations enable business stability
  • Compliance – with statutory and regulatory requirements that specify “risk management” as part of corporate governance requirements
  • Assurance – of a systems infrastructure that behaves predictably
  • Control – to audit users and assign accountability for irresponsible actions
  • Security – with confidential and secure exchange of accurate data

Aztech IT is the trusted partner you need for security. With our dedicated support team behind you, you’re free to focus on more important things – like your business.

We use a wide range of products and procedures to produce a security policy to protect your corporate data, including:

Solutions Include:

  • Cisco systems equipment
  • Juniper networks equipment
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Microsoft ISA Servers
  • Web & email content filtering
Practices & Procedures:
  • Acceptable usage policy (email & Internet)
  • Network design
  • Security baseline testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Spyware detection & removal

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