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We're running the MK Marathon

Posted by Karen Houghton | 22-Mar-2017 14:07:18

On May 1st a few of our more capable team members, Chris Houghton, Dean Sartin, Josh Farouque and Josh Smith will be running the MK Marathonrelay for the charity Supershoes.

The relay race runs alongside the main Milton Keynes marathon event, with each competitor running a leg of 6.2, 6.9, 6.9 and 6.2 miles.   Chris whose idea it was to form the team said "training is going well so far and we've managed a few group sessions around Willen Lake, I think the fact that we're raising money for Supershoes has given us real motivation to make sure we complete it in a good time.  I love the thought that we may be able to brighten a child's day that doesn't have much to smile about at the moment and hopefully take their mind of their illness even if it's just for a short time.  Since having children myself, I see things from a parent's perspective and I can only begin to imagine the dark situations which a family can find themselves in, Supershoes is a great charity and relies solely on donations, so we're keen to raise as much money for them as possible,"

If you would like to donate, please visit our JustGiving page

Supershoes empower children and young people who are fighting cancer. Staffed entirely by volunteers they create hand painted Converse (Supershoes) for each individual child, reflecting their interests and likes. Supershoes brighten a child's day and helps them to feel super special at an incredibly difficult time.  


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Written by Karen Houghton


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