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What does outsourcing mean for your IT department?

Posted by Karen Houghton | 12-Jun-2017 11:18:07

Outsourcing is often mentioned as some sort of business Holy Grail that will enable you to be more efficient and cost effective. But is that really the effect that it has and what does outsourcing mean for your IT department?

Top of the line technology

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages for businesses – especially small businesses – in IT outsourcing is the access it offers to top of the line technology. Integrating the latest technology innovations into a business used to be solely an option for big companies with large IT budgets. However, now it’s an option available to any business via a managed service provider. Effectively, you get all the benefits of the top of the line IT solutions that the IT supplier has invested in without having to pay for it. 

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades

Security is a big issue for businesses in 2017 and one of the biggest risk factors is organisations that are unable to keep up with their own technology. When IT is outsourced to an external provider this is dealt with by the experts, reducing risk and ensuring that systems are always up to date.

The opportunity to reduce spend

It’s easy to feel reassured by the presence of an in-house IT team. However, for most companies this is an unnecessary expense that will always be a bit of a half measure, especially when budgets are tight. Outsourcing IT offers the chance to cut a significant cost from annual budgets without a reduction in service quality. In fact, with the boost to security, technology standards and expertise, it’s often a rise in service for a reduced price.

The chance to focus on the core business 

IT has become a very necessary part of the modern business world but in most industries it’s not something that comes naturally. Outsourcing IT offers the opportunity to hand the responsibility for IT services over to those who specialise in it. That leaves staff in the business free to focus on what they do best, whether that’s law, retail or video production.

24/7 monitoring 

Some of the most damaging IT situations occur because nobody notices them. There are numerous stories in the press of hacks that have gone unnoticed for months while hackers skim data and details that compromise the business. When IT is outsourced it is under constant surveillance by people who know what to look for in terms of potential issues. Response is 24/7, rather than normal office hours, ensuring minimal downtime and a quick handling of any requests or problems that do arise.

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Written by Karen Houghton


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