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Welcome to AZTech, Dani & Rob!

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 30-Mar-2022 10:00:00

The team at AZTech would like to welcome the newest members of our team Dani and Rob. Dani has joined the AZTech family as a Senior Client Account Manager and Rob as a Business Development Manager.         

First, we'll introduce you to Dani. Dani started her journey in the world of IT 6 years ago as a Client Account Manager. After doing this for around a year, she moved to be a Client Engagement Manager, where she stayed here for nearly five years!  

Dani has then joined us as our new Senior Client Account Manager, and we're delighted to have her on our team. Dani says that she's a great team player and loves to help others. Dani has been fortunate to have had some exceptional coaching for the last four years, so she hopes to be able to share this knowledge with her peers at AZTech.   

When Dani isn't working, she enjoys spending her time with her daughter and the many animals she owns! Dani has two horses, Prince & Teddy. She has also adopted a Donkey (how cool is that!!) called Moses, who now thinks he's a horse with big fluffy ears. Dani also has a little fur baby named Aura, who likes to eat the contents of the fridge freezer when Dani is hard at work.  

Most of Dani's free time is spent outside with the ponies or going for walks in the woods. Dani climbed Mount Snowden last September... super cool. 

We asked Dani why she wanted to work for AZTech, "From what I've seen and read so far, they are a great company that cares not only about their clients but also their staff."  

We also asked Dani about her thoughts of the company so far: "Everyone is lovely, happy to help, I feel really valued and part of the team already."  

Dani's favourite joke:   

Two Elephants jump off a Cliffe...Boom, boom  

Two Elephants and a Snake jump off a Cliffe... Boom, boom, Tsssss  

Next up is Rob. Rob has joined our team as our business development manager. Rob started his journey when he left school to do a business diploma. He then took up an engineering apprenticeship and stayed in this industry for several years.  

Rob then transitioned into the sales industry 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since. Rob likes to think he's an approachable person with a positive attitude to life and a driven determination to succeed. All qualities that we love at AZTech!   

When Rob's not at work, he enjoys spending his time keeping fit by going to the gym and partaking in various sports activities like cycling, football, and golf. However, Rob is a chocoholic, so he indulges after his runs.   

When we asked Rob why he wants to work for AZTech, he said: "AZTech is going through an exciting period of growth with a range of solutions that can add value to any business – I want to be part of this journey."  

We also asked Rob what his thoughts are on AZTech so far… "Everyone I've met so far has been lovely, and the team has been very accommodating."   

Rob's favourite joke:  

There are three types of people in the world: 

Those who can count and those who can't. 

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