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28-Mar-2018 00:00:00

What Challenges Could You Face If You Move Your Business To The Cloud?

Moving your business to the cloud opens the door to many benefits, from reducing overall spend to enjoying a more scalable IT infrastructure. But what about the potential...
26-Mar-2018 10:17:00

5 Financial Reasons To Move To The Cloud

Relocating operations to a cloud based platform is a sound strategic decision. However, although the technology is not brand new, it has taken some businesses a while to ...
16-Feb-2018 11:37:00

Benefits of cloud vs. on-premise IT storage

Cloud vs. “on prem” is the dilemma that most businesses come up against today. On-premise IT storage is the more traditional method that preceded the arrival of the Cloud...
26-Jan-2018 12:45:00

Moving from on-premise to cloud solutions

The popularity of cloud solutions comes from the fact that they have something to offer virtually every single business. The functionality of the cloud has something to i...
05-Sep-2016 13:44:56

Top 3 Cloud Migration Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid

Rewind a few years and there was only a minority of businesses that had a cloud migration strategy. Nowadays cloud computing is anything but a new field in the digital la...
21-Jul-2016 10:10:07

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Whether you’re checking your bank balance on your smartphone or replying to an email on your tablet, there’s a good chance you’re using cloud computing.
20-Jan-2016 09:00:04

On premise vs. Cloud security

 According to a BT survey of IT decision makers performed earlier this year, nearly half (49 per cent) said that they were ‘very or extremely anxious’ about the security ...
25-Nov-2015 11:19:35

How Microsoft Azure can transform SME IT capabilities

Microsoft Azure is an open, secure and flexible cloud platform that allows businesses of any size to quickly build, deploy and manage solutions, which are then hosted on ...
23-Sep-2015 15:07:44

Benefits of migrating telephony and communications to the Cloud

The average lifespan of an on-premise PBX system is thought to be in the region of 8.5 years. However, given the high cost of upgrading or replacing a PBX system many com...
02-Sep-2015 13:11:15

Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular enterprise cloud app, according to survey

If any proof were still needed that enterprises, of all sizes, are migrating to the cloud, a recent survey by cloud security company Okta shows that companies are in fact...

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