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The AZTech Team are Working from Home

Posted by Sophie Ashwood | 20-Mar-2020 15:40:00

The AZTech team have transitioned to remote working and we wanted to show you how we've set up our 'offices' at home. Some of us are using an actual home office, some just the dining table, but as you can see from the images below, we can make it work to suit any environment.

Chris' Home Setup -

AZTech Chris WFH
Dean's Home Setup -

AZTech Dean WFH
Jamie's Home Setup - 

AZTech Jamie WFH
Sophie's Home Setup -

AZTech Sophie WFH
Leon's Home Setup -

AZTech Leon WFH
Sam's Home Setup -

AZTech Sam WFH
Stephen's Home Setup -

AZTech Stephen WFH
Paul C's Home Setup - 

AZTech Paul C WFH
Matt's Home Setup - 

AZTech Matt WFH
Jade's Home Setup - 

AZTech Jade WFH
Nick's Home Setup - 

AZTech Nick WFH
Rob's Home Setup -

AZTech Rob WFH
Lewis' Home Setup -

AZTech Lewis WFH
Sean's Home Setup - 

AZTech Sean WFH

So whether you have an office, a dining table, or just your living room sofa to work at, we can help make it work.

If you need assistance transitioning your organisation to working from home, we can help you with your hardware or software and make this easier on your organisation - we're all in this together.

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Written by Sophie Ashwood

Marketing Executive at AZTech IT Solutions

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