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IT related business challenges for small businesses

Posted by Karen Houghton | 06-Feb-2017 15:46:54

New technologies will be one of the biggest factors impacting future growth for small businesses. While technology can empower small businesses through improved efficiencies, cost savings and improved marketing, it can also present some greater challenges.

In today’s world, it is vital that small businesses keep their IT running efficiently.  Small Business owners should take steps to address potential IT issues or risk losing valuable business.

Though small businesses often don’t have a large budget or a great deal of internal resources, IT management can be easily improved. Here are the top IT related business challenges we’ve recognised that small businesses face when it comes to IT.

Lack of IT skill set

IT resources can often be limited by budget and the knowledge and capabilities of these resources can be minimal. This can be a scary proposition as many non-technical employees have little or no technical training, which can lead to dependence on recommendations from third parties and this can often result in organisations being misinformed and technology which isn't adequate for the organisations needs.  

Resolving IT infrastructure issues typically requires the assistance of highly specialised IT staff, which is why so many companies choose to outsource their IT to a managed service provider to oversee things. This course of action generally proves far more cost-effective than hiring experts in each specialised area.

Without the help of a professional IT support company, serious problems aren’t always uncovered or addressed until its too late.  IT providers will constantly monitor, encrypt and update systems to ensure the business is always safe.  They will often find that an issue is a symptom of a much greater problem which could go onto cause more serious problems.  Often solving the root cause early will ensure the problem doesn't develop, giving them peace of mind that critical work and data is always protected and minimising disruption to the organisation.

Data and security safety

Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of viruses and malicious programs today, businesses  require firewalls to safeguard important data on their servers. Whilst larger companies often have staff dedicated to protecting the security of their data, small businesses don’t always have the resources or knowledge to ensure the safety of the information stored on their computers. This can result in smaller organisation having limited protection to their networks,  websites and data, making them more vulnerable to cyber- attacks.  With millions of viruses and numerous malware programs creating hazards, working with a qualified managed service provider will ensure your organsation is protected.

Backup and recovery

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file, experienced a power outage, or had a server crash, then you know how important having a reliable backup recovery plan can be to your business. Your IT provider will put together a  detailed bespoke recovery plan  which will allow you to survive the worst and get back to business as soon as possible, minimising disruption and the ongoing risk to your business.

Website management

Many companies invest heavily in establishing a prominent online presence. As website design elements are growing more complex, the publics performance expectations continue to increase.  An older site may have attracted visitors despite occasional “down time”, but customers now require nearly full-time uptime to ensure it remains popular. Not only that, as new technologies are released, they often don’t work with older systems or applications. This can result in a number of online efficiencies.

IT is a complex environment. A qualified IT management firm enables even a small business to make a powerful first impression online. Get in touch with Aztech IT today to find out how we can help.


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Written by Karen Houghton


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