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Invitation to Tender/Request for Proposal Jargon buster

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 01-Mar-2022 08:00:00

There is a lot of tricky terminology and acronyms surrounding the request for proposals/Invitation to tender process. In this short blog, we'll outline and define some key terminology you'll probably come across whether you're the client or the tender.



Request for proposal  

Invitation to tender


RFP and ITT can be used interchangeably.


AN RFP/ITT is a formal document issued by a business to invite a supplier/vendor to bid for a work contract.


Want to find out more about what an RFP/ITT includes? Click the button to read more. Read More


Request for Information


An RFI is a document used by businesses to request a supplier's information about a product or service. This provides a more structured way of comparing information from different providers.

An RFI is usually sent out before an RFP/ITT. If the RFI shows that the supplier is appropriate, the business will then send out an RFP/ITT.


Open Tender 

An open tender means any supplier can bid for the available tender.


Closed Tender 

A closed tender means that only suppliers invited by the requesting business can bid for the tender.



Pre-qualification questionnaire


A PQQ is a questionnaire sent out by the business to identify suitable suppliers. This will help the company determine which of the suppliers meet the contract's requirements. Suppliers are required to submit evidence (such as certificated etc.) to support their claims.

This stage is usually done before sending out an RFP/ITT and can be used in conjunction with an RFI.



Selection questionnaire


SQ covers the same topics as a PQQ; however, an SQ does not require evidence at this stage. The supplier will be asked to identify that they meet the contract's requirements, and then at the RFP/ITT stage, they will be asked to provide evidence of their earlier claims. This is called self-certification.



General information questionnaire


Similarly to an SQ or PQQ, GIQ is another version of a selection questionnaire used to gather information on the supplier self-certification and may occasionally include quality questions.



Most economically advantageous tender


The most economically advantageous tender is a criterion used to base who the contract is awarded. It takes into account qualitative data, technical capability and the price.


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