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5 steps to help you manage IT licences

Posted by Karen Houghton | 12-Oct-2017 13:56:28

The increasing volume and complexity of IT that every company now has to deal with requires businesses to take a different view of IT licences. A more strategic and organised approach to IT licence management has numerous benefits, including optimising the use of IT resources, reducing cost, informing IT investment decisions and dealing with risk. Here are 5 key steps to implementing the kind of IT licence management that will help to deliver great results.

1. Start with an inventory

Particularly for small businesses, the necessity of managing IT licences can often get overwhelmed by other tasks that seem far more essential. As a result, you may be in a position where you don’t have a clear overview of where you are with software licences. The first step is to inventory your licences and create a single central record of essential information, including expiration dates, license codes, renewal qualification and requirements.

2. Take steps to ensure company-wide licence compliance

You need to make sure that the software you have is being used in accordance with the licences that accompany it. Ensure that everyone in the business is aware of the licence, the conditions and how the software should be used to make sure that you stay within the rules. Implement a solid IT policy that promotes positive software management and generate awareness of what happens if the policy is not complied with.

3. Use a software management tool

There are many tools available now to manage assets such as licences. It’s often worth investing in software that will enable you to keep track of licences and provide notifications when action needs to be taken. Often the best software management tools are recommended by IT service providers who are used to working with them.

4. Be more strategic when it comes to software licences 

Many people view software licence management as a tickbox exercise. However, effective management can do much more than that – the right management will enable you to reduce cost and to plan better for the changes that your businesses is currently going through – or likely to in future.

5. Work with a managed IT service provider

IT licences are crucial to the business – without them your staff may not be able to use software to work – which is why it’s essential to have professional management. If you don’t have the resources in-house or you simply want to make sure that there is no room for error then working with a managed IT service provider, such as Aztech IT, takes the burden off your business.

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Written by Karen Houghton


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