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5 Myths We’ve Heard About IT Technology—and Why They’re Wrong

Posted by Sophie Ashwood | 08-Jan-2020 10:30:00

We’ve all heard at least one myth about IT technology, usually from a friend who read something online or heard it from someone else, but they’re never backed up with facts or actual proof.

We’ve gathered 5 of the top myths about IT Technology and explained why they’re wrong.

1. Private/Incognito browsing mode keeps your activity online hidden

If you’ve ever wanted to hide your browsing history, you’ve probably used a privacy option in your browser, either on your PC or phone such as: Private Tab, Incognito Mode, InPrivate Browsing, Private Window or Private Browsing.

These tools may prevent others seeing your browsing history after you’ve used the computer, but they won’t prevent your work, Internet Service Provider or sites you visit, from tracking you.

Going Incognito only means the browser won’t save cookies, temporary internet files, or your browsing history.

So, be careful what websites you go on in private mode.

2. You must safely remove the USB from your PC

One of the most common IT myths – don’t remove your USB stick without clicking ‘Safely Remove USB’, otherwise your USB will get corrupted and lose everything.

However, if you’re not reading or writing data to your USB, there shouldn’t be a problem with taking it out.

Clicking on ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ is to ensure there’s no active data being transferred to your USB and that your changes have been saved – there’s around a 0.5 second delay after you’ve made changes, so if you wait half a second before removing your USB, you should be fine.

3. An Antivirus can protect your PC from all viruses

Antivirus software can protect your computer, but it can’t protect you from everything, especially human error.

Antivirus software is just that, software – therefore if new viruses have been released, your antivirus may not know about them, or if you’ve downloaded something and allowed it full access to your PC, your antivirus may fall short.

You should always take precautions with your computer’s security – make sure you double check what you’re downloading and have a back up of your data, just in case.

4. Apple Macs don’t get viruses

Apple have previously stated that their computers weren’t susceptible to viruses, however, after this announcement their computers began getting infected, so they retracted their statement.

It may be rare for Macs to get viruses, but this isn’t due to Macs being more secure than Windows - MacOS have a smaller market share in comparison to Windows, making it less of a target.

Any computer is susceptible to viruses, so make sure you keep them protected.

5. Emptying the Recycle Bin removes your files permanently

When you empty your recycling bin, your files are simply marked as deleted to free up space. The data is still in your computer, waiting to be overwritten by new data.

Therefore, your deleted files could potentially be recovered with a file recovery tool, (as long as your data hasn’t already been overwritten), which is incredibly useful if you accidentally delete something.

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