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Top 4 apps for Small Businesses

Posted by AZTech IT Solutions | 06-Nov-2018 12:02:24

Your business is your baby. But you know that to grow and increase profitability, you need the support of other skilled individuals and the tools to manage and delegate tasks as well as automate the more mundane activities which are costing you time and money.

Luckily, we live in an age designed for the entrepreneur. Want to optimise your time and track communication with your employees, all while being able to receive real-time updates on the progress of projects? There’s an app for each of those tasks!

Read on to find out about the best small business apps available on the market and how they can help you to get stuff done.


It’s easy for small tasks to get forgotten about in the grand scheme of things. Asana helps you to set goals and map out the steps and actions each team member needs to take in a visual, intuitive format. Planning projects becomes a collaborative process with Asana’s clean and easy interface, enabling accountability and a clear picture of all actionable tasks and looming deadlines.

Key benefits of Asana:

  • Facilitates and improves team collaboration
  • Helps teams to manage tasks by assigning work, specifying deadlines and creating reports
  • Pre-made project templates make set-up quick and convenient

Cost: Free basic version

         £7.99 per month for Premium Membership


Being able to reach colleagues, exchange documents and centre team conversations into dedicated channels enhances the expediency with which tasks get done. Slack is an acronym for “ Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”, and the app does just that by ensuring that important communication does not get lost across different platforms. This instant messaging app allows you to communicate across a range of devices, enabling you to message your team directly – or just the members concerned with a particular project – from any location. Slack can be integrated into other productivity tools making it easy to assign tasks and take action.

Key benefits of Slack:

  • Organise conversations by topic
  • Search all content inside Slack, including files, conversations and people
  • Minimise the use of e-mail or texting

Cost: Free (Limited features).

         £6.30 per month for Standard Membership

Time Management

Time is one of your most significant assets. How and where you allocate it directly affects your productivity and profitability. As your business grows and undertakes more complex and elaborate tasks, you will want to keep on top of how long it takes you and your colleagues to complete specific actions so that you can plan out resources and invoice clients accordingly. A time management app like Harvest will help you and your team members to track time, expenses, projects and much more, all in one smooth interface.

Key Benefits of Harvest:

  • Useful time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking and time-based reporting features
  • Automated payment reminders – no more chasing clients for payments
  • A visual summary of the time your team is spending on tasks
  • Available on desktop and mobile, enabling you to manage your time everywhere
  • Integrates with all the other apps you’re likely to use

Cost: Free (Limited features)

         $12 per month for single-user membership


As a small business owner, you’ll know that getting to grips with accounting and keeping an accurate record of your expenses, invoices and payroll is probably one of the least enjoyable but most necessary tasks. With Intuit's Quickbooks you’ll be able to manage your finance like a pro.

Key benefits of Intuit Quickbooks:

  • Built-in VAT calculator
  • Create estimates and quotes
  • Bill incrementally, perfect for businesses that get paid throughout projects
  • Track mileage expenses
  • Imports and sorts your bank transactions
  • Run payroll
  • Send invoices

Cost: Free 30-Day Trial

          Various pricing options available according to your business size

Taking advantage of the many handy apps available out there will set your business up for productivity, efficiency and success. As most of these applications integrate with each other, you could trial out a combination or simply pick the one that will add the most value to your business. Freeing up time and unburdening yourself and staff from repetitive or convoluted tasks leaves more space for creativity, initiative and progress.

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