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3 Values of outsourcing for your IT needs

Posted by Karen Houghton | 14-Sep-2017 12:03:04

The pressure that internal IT spend and demand can place on resources, time and staff can be intense. Often, this is simply a waste of energy and for some businesses it can restrict cash flow to the point of crippling it. In many organisations, outsourcing IT needs is a smart choice in order to free up internal resources and get a better overall service. While there are likely to be many individual reasons to opt for IT outsourcing, there are 3 key values that any business can enjoy:


Access to expertise at the highest level

Unless you’re Apple or Microsoft, or a big name global firm, you probably don’t have the resources to employ IT experts. The large majority of businesses settle for IT generalists and budgets don’t allow for specialists and those with niche skills. Outsourcing IT support provides cost effective access to the highly experienced IT providers who have seen it all – and have the answers. They are much more likely to be on top of the latest developments and can make suggestions and improvements that would be beyond the vision of your average in-house IT team.


Mitigating the risks to your business

Outsourcing IT needs can increase the protection you have when it comes to security. Employees may not have the necessary knowledge or skills to property manage IT and security processes, and this can result in serious exposure. Working with an external IT provider on an outsourcing basis not only means that your IT support isn’t going to make rookie mistakes but that you can rely on everything being up to date, from patches to upgrades. If you’re outsourcing your IT needs you’ll have access to the latest software and tech, which can help you ensure that you keep exposure levels low. Plus, you’ll have a team of trained specialists looking out for problems and dealing with them quickly, minimising any downtime as a result.


Reducing the cost and freeing up cash flow

Outsourcing offers serious costs savings that don’t come at the expense of support and expertise. From reducing staff costs, to cutting what you spend on overheads, you can free up more cash flow for other purposes by spending more specifically on outsourced IT support. You’ll also be able to streamline operations by removing or reducing in-house IT spend so that your business can focus on core operations instead.

Written by Karen Houghton


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