Extended Opening Hours

To provide our customers with an enhanced level of service, we are pleased to announce that from Monday 8th September 2014 we will be extending our Helpdesk opening hours from 7am until 8pm Monday to Friday. Extended hours will allow us to provide support to staff working outside the normal 9-5 hours and also gives us the ability to perform additional maintenance on systems without disruption to users.

Technology Workshops

At Aztech IT Solutions we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We understand it can be difficult to keep up to date with the ever evolving technology available and can be confusing when deciding on the right Technology to suit your organisation.

The 10 Security Threats that All Businesses Fear and how we can help

The 10 Security Threats that All Businesses Fear and how we can help

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) recently conducted a survey among business owners and leaders, to get an understanding of the industry's leading concerns. The results were: Unplanned information technology (IT) and telecommunications outages Cyber attacks Data breaches Adverse weather Interruption to utility supplies Fire Security incidents Health & Safety incident Acts of terrorism New laws and regulations The report uncovered that IT related incidents now account for a high majority of the concerns, with  77% of business managers fearing the possibility of an unplanned IT and telecommunications outage and 73% fearing both cyber-attacks and data breaches to their system.

Meet the team – Roxy Tam

I am the newbie in the team and started at Aztech in July.  I look after all of the Sales Administration and I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the Suppliers and Clients. Born in Hong Kong I lived there 4 years before moving to London with my family and then onto Milton Keynes, where I attended local schools.

Meet the Team

Michael Houghton – Technical Director    Born in Northampton, I am one of four brothers who all grew up in Milton Keynes.   I went to local primary and comprehensive schools and was by far the most accident prone of the four of us, so was always in an out of the local A&E department.

Apprentice turns employee – Josh Smith

Apprentice turns employee – Josh Smith

Meet Josh Smith, who is a Support Engineer at Aztech IT. Josh started his apprenticeship with us in June last year when he was 19. A year on he is now a fully-fledged member of the IT support team. Josh did his apprenticeship through the NITP College and studied an ICT Level 3 in IT Framework, which involved on the job training and regular visits to college.

Is Your Email Enough?

Having the right kind of email system in place can do wonders for increasing productivity, especially for people on the go. It’s important to note the distinctions and feature differences of the email systems available to you, so you can be sure that what you’re using is the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Whether you work from an office or are productive while on the go, email most likely plays a big factor in the way you go about your business. Unbeknownst to many, some types of email systems have certain limitations that by extension can also limit the level of productivity of your business, and especially for people in the organization who must also work while out in the field. One major issue for many people is synchronicity. Many people need their emails to be accessible on their mobile phones, PDAs, or other mobile devices, and they need them to be properly synchronized with their desktop workstations. The need to constantly update conversations and email threads from mobile devices to desktops with certain types of email can prove to be tedious and unproductive– and some email system types don’t include this ability at all. Depending on the way you use your email, especially when on the go, having full access and full control of your account can define how productive you and others in your organization can be. Besides providing a much better degree of synchronization and integration with mobile devices, certain types of email systems also have features for sharing and collaboration features that allow you to set schedules and share files from your mailbox, as well as central storage for emails that allows you to access your account seamlessly with any mobile device, regardless of where you are located. Of course, having a full-featured email system might not be best for everyone. The key is to know whether adapting a more bare-bones system is cost-effective for your business (especially in the long run). Sometimes the top of the line may be needed, and sometimes all you need is a bit of tweaking on your less fully featured system. Not sure which is best? Call us and we’ll be glad to sit down with you and assess what kind of email system is best suited for you and your business.

Are you monitoring and managing your reputation online? Here’s how.

The proliferation of websites and social media tools is making the job of monitoring what’s being said about you online increasingly difficult to do. But you need to somehow make sense of the sea of information available in these online tools, because depending on what’s being said — it can have either a helpful or a damaging effect on your reputation or your business. Here are some tools to help you. Besides your own eyes and ears, there are plenty of tools — for free or for a price — available to help you monitor your presence online. The simplest of these is your familiar search engines such as Google or Bing . By simply searching online, you can find where your name or your company’s name appears in various websites. With Google in particular, you can set up “alerts” which will email you when a specific word or term appears in their website index. What words or terms should you use? Start with your name, or your company name, then try the name of your products and/or services, and maybe even the names of your employees, directors, and other stakeholders. It might also be helpful to search for the competition as well. As results come in you can refine your search by expanding or narrowing the scope of terms you would like to search or be alerted on. If you want to be able to search across all different search engines and not just one or two, you can use Monitor This . Next you can use specialized website or social media monitoring tools to search only specific sites or services as opposed to the entire Internet. One example is Greplin , which allows you to search all of your accounts or accounts that you own. This is very helpful to be able to execute highly filtered searches on specific information in your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, or your blog. Another option is Rollyo , which allows you to set up your own specialized search engines that cull content from public or open websites of your choosing. Other more generalized tools include RSS feed readers—which allow you to consume news or information feeds from news sites or blogs. Examples include Newsgator.com , Bloglines.com , Google Reader or Pluck.com . Other generalized tools include those that monitor specific newsgroups or message boards like BoardReader.com , ForumFind.com , Big-Boards.com , BoardTracker.com , iVillage , Yahoo Message Boards , and MSN Money . Still others track changes to content of specific sites ( Copernic Tracker , Website Watcher and WatchThatPage.com ), as well as their domain information ( DomainTools. com and BetterWhois.com ). The really interesting new services actually give you an explicit idea of the status of your reputation — especially if you are a relatively well known name or your business has an established brand. In this category are sites like Amplicate , which monitors general feelings or impressions about brands, businesses, or services; Klout , which tries to measure the influence of individuals based on their social interactions; and SendLove.to , which focuses on celebrities and media personalities. There are literally dozens more tools you can use to monitor and manage your reputation online. To find out more, a great resource is here at the Duct Tape Marketing blog . If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to let us know!